Dennery woman suspected of physically abusing stepson; child currently in ICU

Dennery woman suspected of physically abusing stepson; child currently in ICU

child-abuse-740Police are investigating reports that a male child was allegedly physically abused by his stepmother in Grand Ravine, Dennery.

Reports are that the child, believed to be about three-four years old, is currently in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Victoria Hospital.

The stepmother, believed to be about 21 years old, was questioned by police, police sources have confirmed. It is not clear if she has been charged or will be charged.

Sources close to the family told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the couple, both in their early early 20s, got married earlier this year, and the husband, who has a son from a previous relationship, took the child to live with him and his wife.

However, over a period of time, it was discovered that the child was being abused, evidenced by several scars and bruises all over his body.

On the night of Saturday, Oct. 3, the matter worsened when it was suspected that that the stepmother slammed the child into the wall of the house.

The child suffered a concussion and was admitted to ICU where he is reported to be battling for his life. He is reported to be unresponsive.

Unconfirmed reports are that the stepmother, who appears to be of unsound mind, have blamed evil spirits in the house for making her abuse the child.

If you have more information about this matter, please contact SNO at 285-2361.



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  1. Lord please help all those little ones who cant help themselves. That girl needs to b jail for the rest of her life. Where was the father all the time that poor angel was being abuse. Those kids r not ready for marriage how can they b responsible parents. Yll guys too quick to take kids away from mothers n give to step ,do u think step can care better than mother when fathers r there they love ,they love those kids but as soon as they turn their backs these steps start slamming those helpless kids. I am very upset ,little one u r an angel b comfort mom he is in God's arms,he is in heaven with the angels


  2. I have a stepchild, He is six years old. He is the love of my life. He is a loving child and even if he was not my stepchild I would not have the heart to treat him bad. His dad would kill me if I decide to treat his son bad. Usually when adults abuse children it is because they were abused themselves. It is a vicious cycle. Check her history check to see if her parents or someone in her home while she was a child abused her.


  3. this woman is not of any damn sound mind, the child is not hers that's the simple reason she has been abusing the child and it aint no devil, the devil not telling her to beat the hell out of her husband. Choooppsssssssss, if it was my child she would be on a VH bed too hanging by a thread.


  4. What was the Division of Human Services doing about this case? All of a sudden she mad. Poor boy is on life support with a hole to the back of his head.


  5. oay, i get goose bumps cause mwen te ka chwe' sa. I would move all the spirits in her ass. Really? My son lives with his dad, but his dad is a man not a child so no one will hurt him like this.


  6. St.Lucian man they like to spoil the good women and they always seem to end up or get married to a slut or in this case an evil person. You took the child way from his mother because you thought the woman you got married to was better! That is such a sad story, I praying for this young boy to make it.


  7. Unsound mind? What kind of woman dem mun getting married too?....Jusso? Somebody should slam her ass into that Same wall....The husband is maybe of unsound mind too to get married to a crazy young girl.


  8. This little ... is only 21 and reference is made to her as "stepmother". The word mother is sacred and even is this case she should not even be refereed too as that. She is an evil woman and thats it.
    Where is the father? I only hope that he too is detained by the authorities for questioning. Then again only in Saint Lucia that shit will escape with that.


  9. u wanna blame unsound mind little girl and evil spirits when i was done with u the popo wouldnt even be able to diagnose my mind ....a baby ...i have a 2 year old and i would be the one inside the cell for u and u in icu ......what can a 3yrs do so much to u to have be slammed so hard into the wall and in unresponsive now GIRL ! OMG! and that father he would have been arrested too becuz i'm sure he was aware of what was going on ....ig u didn't want the child home with u send him back with his package at his mom .....MY GIRL ! if it was my child u GONE BELIEVE THAT!


  10. Some reckless teenagers having children when they are not ready for kids. They are quick to have them over like they are possessions. My advice to young people keep your flesh and blood. If you eat stones then stones he eat also. U'll must survive. Wicked stepmothers out there everything the children do irritate them. SAR fere SAR where.


  11. What the hell can a 3-4 year old child do to be beaten and to be in an icu? Since she claim that it was an evil spirit who did that to her then I'd have that same spirit to do her worst. This innocent child did not deserve what she or they did to him. Whatever happened I was not there but this caught everyone by surprise. I'm not a mother as yet but I'm very sensitive by kids. I hate to see when they are being abused it pisses me off. I hope the police make her pay for what she did my girl u lucky he is not my family because each time I saw u the evil spirit u say u have will tell me beat the hell out of you. Hope this little boy gets well soon. God is with him. My prayers to him. This girl is just lucky.


  12. What can a 3-4 year old do like that to cause you to slam him to the wall. I have a 3 year old and God only knows. I wud have kill that girl and a dog and fish if she had one. This is nonsense. I am so upset right.


  13. I am not here to condemn the woman....but in all honestly if she was of unsound mind she wouldn't recognize right from wrong ...muchless able to say its evil thinking is that this woman may have been punishing the child because she might be going through some kind of difficulty with his he paid for it....a lot of women do that .....they abuse their own children because the fathers did them wrong.....but mothers or stepmothers I say to you ..please be a human being of character..and double love your never know who or what they can become in life...please stop causing your children to grow up as criminals...looking for love in all the wrong places


  14. Omg !! as a teenager im reading this and im feeling soo hurt nd sad i mean the child isnt your own therefore you have no right to abuse him like this i hope and pray that he gets well soon enough


  15. My child would not be alone at the hospital. That stepmother would also be unresponsive in ICU or even at cricks.


  16. That's y I'll never send my daughter at her fathers home to spend not even an hour. Those bitches look for man with kids and then get fed up with the mans kid. If it was my kid, I would be in jail and she at cricks. As for the father find yourself a woman and not a child who is fed up with your kid. Evil spirit my foot!