Dennery Segment impacts Soca Kingdom

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Mighty & Subance, Blackboy and Hollywood HP after a TV interview

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Saint Lucia’s Soca music and by extension Saint Lucia’s carnival, was given a major boost recently, following the impact which the music had during Trinidad’s carnival 2018.

Leading the grand charge for the music, was the popular Dennery Segment, a new sub-genre of Soca music, with its infectious syncopated drum and bass, Afro-Caribbean rhythms and a fusion of English and French Creole lyrics.

Among the popular Dennery Segment songs during Trinidad’s carnival were Mighty and Subance’s “Bad in Bum Bum” and “Back Bend,” Blackboy’s “Firefighter,” Matta “Frassman,” Motto “Party Lit” and Freezy’s “Split in de Middle” and “Bend De Banana.” In addition, Hollywood HP’s “Drama” was also in heavy rotation.

Cognizant of the impact the music was having and in response to a call from some of the artistes, The Government of Saint Lucia embraced a proposal to assist some of the performers in the promotion of their music during Trinidad’s carnival. The contingent also helped to promote Saint Lucia’s carnival during their several appearances and interviews.

According to Local Government and Culture Minister Senator Hon. Fortuna Belrose, whose Ministry played a pivotal role in supporting the artistes, the backing was seen as quite timely and necessary.

“We’ve seen the strides and waves that music has been making across the region and indeed across the globe and it has been quite a phenomenon. But I think in terms of recognition and visibility, the artistes themselves have not received enough of that and so we were happy to embrace a Dennery Segment tour to Trinidad for their Carnival”, Belrose explains.”

The artistes, who were part of the tour were Subance & Mighty, Blackboy, Matta and Hollywood HP who performed at several events leading up to Trinidad’s carnival and were all very well received. They were also featured on several radio shows promoting their music and Saint Lucia’s carnival.

A major feature of the tour was a “Looshan Night” hosted by Hollywood HP at a Nightspot on the popular Ariapita Avenue in Port of Spain. The event featured performances by Freezy, Matta, Big C and Hollywood HP before a packed house.

The Dennery Segment Trinidad Tour was also strengthened with support from The Saint Lucia Tourism Authority and Events Company of Saint Lucia. ECSL CEO Thomas Leonce, said that his agency saw it fitting to sort of launch Saint Lucia’s Carnival in Trinidad during their carnival on the impetus of the impact of the Dennery Segment music and the presence of the artistes.

As such, there was an engagement with one of the Carnival bands in Trinidad Yuma – one the large carnival bands attracting about four thousand revelers. Revelers received flyers promoting Saint Lucia carnival in their packages and on Carnival Monday and Tuesday one of the band’s trucks featured an attractive banner promoting Saint Lucia’s carnival and the Dennery Segment.

A number of Saint Lucian artistes were also on the road with Yuma on Carnival Tuesday including Matta, Teddyson John and Big C as well as the biggest names in Soca including Rupee, Destra, Patrice, Voice, Ricardo Drue and Erphan Alves among others.

The contingent is also thankful for the support received from Yuma Carnival band, the Just4Fun team and the PCD team through Campari which was the official drink for Trinidad Carnival 2018 which climaxed on February 13.

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  1. this is for real st.lucia?.... dennry 2018 this is our contribution ..this is what were offering...hp.u in dat too..omg

  2. Nastiness sells!

  3. for all of yall that were and are still bashing the dennery segment for its content which i admit are very indecent some times look where it has gotten us it has gotten us one step further in the music industry so if you dont like the music and used to say that type of music wont go no where then think again. YOUR WERE WRONG.

    • What a load of horse sht. Dennery segment in its current form sells itself purely on shock factor, the fact that it is SO vulgar it gives people a rebellious rush.

      The problem with sub-genres like this is the shock factor eventually wears off and people begin to more critically observe the structure of the music (lyrics, rhythm, production quality, complexity/simplicity and creativity etc.). When the structure is found lacking, people move on and the sub-genre dies out becoming historic "fad."

      I think people enjoy the drum and bass rhythm with the Creole/ English mash-up backdrop. The genre emphasises an animalistic, raunchy, sexual tone within a socially tolerable perimeter. This is what Dennery Segment should sell itself on to push the genre forward, less vulgar and more creatively witty lyrics (very much like "firefighter").

      In the current trend, the artists are forcing themselves to be more shockingly vulgar than the last. This just degrades the music form, pushes it out of what people consider socially acceptable and just alienates more and more people.

      I think the founding artists, should critically revise their model and visualize what they want the genre to be in 10 years. In its current trajectory, Dennery Segment is doomed to be a passing fad.


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