Dennery Segment artiste wins 2019 Groovy Monarch title

Dennery Segment artiste wins 2019 Groovy Monarch title
In this video still image, Sly collects his winning trophy from the 2019 Carnival Queen

The 2019 Groovy Soca Monarch title belongs to Dennery Segment artiste Sly who represented the Vye Twizeen Boyz.

Sly, whose real name is Sylvinus Charles, is a 27-year-old fire officer attached to the Micoud Fire Station. He won the competition, held at the Sab Playing Field, with a total of 378 points.

Sly told reporters after collecting his trophy and crown that his winning song ‘Mix Up’ is not about a personal situation. He said he came up with the melody for the song while driving up to Castries one day.

Entering the competition for the first time and going up against more experienced competitors like Mantius, Invader and Ricky T, Sly said he told himself that he has to “push himself” and do his best. He said he normally wrote songs with storylines that people can relate to, and that’s what he did with ‘Mix Up’ — coupled with good presentation  — he was able to take home the crown.

Sly showing reporters a pic of his newborn in this video still image

“I am really grateful, I gave my best,” he told the media, adding that his team released a new song today.

The artiste has dedicated his win to his newborn baby. He showed reporters a photo of his baby.

Third runner-up (4th place): Cock Up (song), Invader (artiste), 367 points
Second runner-up (3rd place): Pretty on Purpose, Shemmy J, 369 points
First runner-up (2nd place): Just a Friend, Ricky T, 370 points
Winner, Monarch: Mix Up, Vye Twizeen Boyz/Sly, 378 points.

Last year’s competition was won by King Arthur (Arthur Allain) who didn’t participate this year.



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