Dennery resident suspected of drinking poison

Dennery resident suspected of drinking poison

Police are investigating a suspected suicide.

Reports are that Gibson Bernard, a resident of Over The Bridge, Dennery, died at St. Jude Hospital after allegedly ingesting a poisonous substance Wednesday night, Oct. 28.

Bernard, a father of two children, was employed with Islandwide Electrical, which carries out independent contract works for St. Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC)

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) understands that Gibson, 44, was asked to file a report with his superiors after a complaint was made against him by a female customer from Ciceron, Castries on Wednesday.

The complaint was based on a conversation he reportedly had with a young female while working on a meter issue at a residence in Ciceron.

A post-mortem examination is scheduled for Monday, November 2, 2015.


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  1. Oh God put a hand in this land of ours.There is a spirit of suicide in St Lucia so we have to pray against that evil spirit


  2. Fact: women attempt suicide at a substantially higher rate than do men, but more men succeed in ending their lives...


  3. Without even knowing what the person was feeling many say that it was a selfish act. I notice that many such comments come from females. Even females among themselves agree that they themselves are selfish. Matter of fact the independent posture taken by feminist groups and the idea of the modern woman embraces the concept of women being selfish. I think it is quite wrong to judge a man like that, because if men have to adopt such a selfish attitude our society would be in tatters. How many females do you think use men as their banks or sugar daddys? How many men take care of others children? We are not discounting that some men don't support their families, however with equal rights among the sexes, the man is still seen as the provider of the family. Our laws have not changed that.


  4. R.I.P. Gibson Bernard. You served island wide electric well. Every one has their flaws and I wish people understood. You were caught up in the wrong stresses at the wrong time and you chose to end it the only way you thought was alright to end it. May your wife be consoled by the fact that you loved her beyond measure. May your children know that despite of their father's demise, that they need not mourn but celebrate their dad's life.
    Island Wide Electric...Lucelec ...he is gone but he shall not be forgotten. Instead of ridiculing his untimely death please take it as a time to enter into introspection and cleansing.

    Once again R.I.P.


    • shut your ass. You have NO idea what that person was feeling at the time. You think if someone was in a healthy state of mind they would not consider their family?


      • Pay legit ou...only a selfish person would think only of themselves. Nothing last forever. This is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Your woman horning you, you eh hang yourself? Choopz


      • You need a mental evaluation because if you were in a health state of mind you would have reacted less aggressively and a little more politely. Chill out dude !


  5. Well boy that conversation was scary if you going to kill yourself without anyone hearing your side of the story? Was Halloween part of it!


  6. Gibson work hard bernard. Men r.i.p. all ma mates are dying for the wrong reason not because of vat and kenny before u all idiotic lucians start typing shit ca ca


  7. Oh men (work hard) why did u do that to yourself men. A good and hard working guy like you wit u r family, why did u do it if u did? am not saying he didn't do it but he should ah let nature take its course


  8. Awa Bernard for that you kill ur self. Once you did not touch the ppl child, the most they can do is fire you. But the report said young female. I wonder, how young, maybe under age young. But gasson big man like you, dont tell me you don't see the person not yet 16. Now if she past 16 once you don't touch or take without permission, you have a right to talk.

    I guess we will never find out what caused you to take your life. Dead man tell no tales.


  9. aa so bernard try an roll on d young ting and they report him, so if that is really the case why would you allegedly drink poison for that, it seems there might be some truth to it if you killing yourself for that


    • U really's like u condemn the man already with no actual findings. The incident could absolutely no bearing on him committing suicide.
      Don't be too quick to judge..leave it to God


      • Some people drink every thing they read as facts. They cant process the word "suspected" or "allegedly". No need for investigation. They should work for CID?


      • which is why i said in case you and others didnt see and understand "IF , i said IF THAT IS THE CASE THEN WHY WOULD HE ALLEGEDLY DRINK THE POISON" the words IF and ALLEGEDLY has a very strong meaning and presence there i never said that is the REASON why he drank the poison i wasn't there so i cant be condemning him or judging him when i said IF and ALLEGEDLY


    • There cah be truth to that being the reason he killed himself. .cause that eh no reason for nobody to do dat. So either there is more to dat or is not dat he do it for.


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