Dennery resident needs financial assistance for urgent surgery

Dennery resident needs financial assistance for urgent surgery
Tyris flanked by her children.

A woman in need of surgery is calling on her fellow St. Lucians for help.

Forty-nine-year-old Shirley Tyris, alias Gaily of Dennery requires EC$10,000) for surgery in Guyana, according to her daughter, Penia Jn Pierre, who is helping to raise funds on her behalf.

The family is also looking to raise another EC$10,000 to cover travel and accommodation, and other expenses.

Pierre said her mother is currently hospitalized in St. Lucia and is awaiting the needed funds, to travel to Guyana where she is expected to undergo surgery to remove a tumor from her throat.

The mother of three was also recently diagnosed with cancer in her Fallopian tubes.

Pierre told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Thursday (Jan.7) that about two months ago, her mother started having problems swallowing her food and this only worsened each passing week.

They decided to take her to the hospital and after several tests were performed, doctors confirmed the family’s worst fear, that a tumor was in her throat and would need to be removed soon.

Surgeries of this nature are not performed here, Pierre said. And Guyana is the cheapest place to get it done.

Pierre said her mother continues to have difficulty eating and could only use liquid foods. Aside from that, she also having difficulty sleeping at nights and has lost a lot of weight.

The family plans to host a dance at Palm Valley in Dennery on Saturday, January 30, 2016, so as to help raise some funds for the woman’s surgery. Tickets for the event cost $10.

Persons who are willing to provide some needed financial assistance to Tyris, can do so by making a deposit at the Bank of Saint Lucia to account number 933599497.

For more information, you can make contact with Pierre at -1-758-518-3181.



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  1. Oh my her pain is doubled. First the pain of her disease and secondly the pain of not having the finance to keep her going,my heart bleed for the family. Wishing you all the best.


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