Dennery man assaults bus driver, firearm recovered by cop

Dennery man assaults bus driver, firearm recovered by cop

A Dennery man was arrested and charged on Friday, Oct. 23 for assaulting and pulling a firearm at a bus driver near a party recently.

Nicky Olice, 27, of Belmont , Dennery appeared in court on Friday, on charges of possession of a firearm, possession of ammunition and assault with a firearm. He was remanded.

Reports are that on Saturday, Oct. 17, 2015, at about 3 a.m., police received reports that a man was discharging a firearm near a party at Deniere Riviere in Dennery, in trying to intimidate a bus driver he had an altercation with.

A police officer on foot reportedly approached Olice in the crowd.

Olice reportedly ran with the cop in pursuit, but dropped the firearm several minutes into the chase. He escaped in a banana field.

The cop recovered the firearm – a 9mm Glock with four rounds of ammunition – from a concrete drain.

However, Olice was not captured until about six days later.

Reports are that during a massive operation of house searches, involving Dennery and Richfond police officers, conducted at about 4 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 23, the accused was arrested in a house.

The bus driver, who requested anonymity, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO), that he has been operating a minibus in the area for the past five years. He said he doesn’t know the perpetrator personally, but is aware that Olice lives in the area.

The bus driver said this has never happened to him before.

“He came to me at the Dennery junction and asked me if I want to bomb him. So I say why would I want to do that? So he came and stopped my vehicle and tried to hit me. I drove up and then stopped and then a police who was close by ran towards them and they dropped a gun and ran away.”

Olice reportedly has a long rap sheet with the law.

It is alleged that he was arrested less than a month ago with drugs, ammunition and cash minutes of arriving from Martinique.  About two weeks ago, Olice was allegedly intercepted by Marine Police along with other men from the southern part of the island. They were questioned and then released without charge.


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  1. choops dem man fail to realise that bad man ting not playing no role again and bad man doesnt show off their gun smh gyal over gun


  2. I don't know what wrong with them little jombies. All the little cowards could do is pull weapon, but run like a little b##ch when the siuation turn on them


  3. This guy and his crew firing shots almost every weekend in the Valley, bravo Richfond Police. The last time there was a power outage I was so scared, it was really dark and all u could have heard was Gun shots upon gunshots. Police should burst the gang leader too. I was at the party, the bus driver did not do anything to him, the Corporal should have really shoot him, but he ran. We need some more serious officers like the Corporal in the Valley.


  4. Can you imagine we have persons like that with fire arms walking around and God alone knows what crimes they might be guilty of when they can't move their drugs these guys wi do anything to make money ! St Lucia we have had this problem growing for years ! How do we address it ? How do we get our legal system to keep us safe ? How do we get the law to work ?


  5. Perfect example... If da guy had shot da bus driver nw...uh? Ppl wud say is something da bus driver did....nw am convinced dat sumtyms innocent ppl get beaten or killed by dem useless punks...n believe me...that's wat they are....dat y lucians like to b too judgemental.... Long rap sheet? U can c is a deliberate thing with them boys....go n clean by somebody house or go n look after an elderly or stay hme n cook for the family or go n look for a dam job....if u put ur hands to work honest then the Almighty God sees n one day must bless u with a buy ur fancy shoes n ting n take ur woman out...aa...which man wudnt luv dat? Only an time dem fellas do something good in their lives mun...we had innocent kids growing up...wat kinda unacceptable degrading behavior is dat? Choops


  6. Foolish boy.... Then women will show off your picture on fb like you re a piece of cheese... Go sort yourself out


  7. St Lucia really backward. You found a man with ammunition you put him on remand I agree but a guy who was charged for attempted murder was granted $5000.00 bail and released. Does that justice system makes sense? Something doesn't add up here!


  8. I will assume that the law is lenient on those criminals because of the cost of housing and feeding those prisoners. They should be put on hard labor, where by they are put to clean the gutters , septic tanks, streets, sea weeds , etc. in their orange jump suits. A little humiliation would go a long way in deterring crime and besides the city can be kept clean with no additional cost. Make them work for their food.


  9. It was time urll move dat punk on da streets like for real dem fellas jus living a life of stupidity


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