UPDATED: Dennery farmer held at gunpoint while urinating, robbed

By SNO Staff
Dennery farmer was not harmed.

Dennery farmer Gilbert Wilfred was not harmed.

A 62-year-old banana farmer from Lumière, Dennery was the victim of an armed robbery last evening, March 18, according to a relative.

Rohan Wilfred told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, his father, Gilbert Wilfred, a.k.a Spildo or Mr. Dillin, stopped in the vicinity of the Fond d’Or Heritage Park, Dennery, parked his blue single-cab Mazda pickup (PA 3239) and went to “pee” (urinate).

Rohan said while urinating, a man came out of the bush and pointed a gun at his father’s head.

He said the masked bandit then told his father to drive, leading them to an isolated area in the Mabouya Valley.

At that location, Rohan said his father was robbed of two cell phones, an undisclosed sum of cash, and the bandit escaped with the van, which has still not been found.

The senior Wilfred was not harmed.

Police are investigating.

Anyone with information are pleased asked to call 285-5709, 725-1502, 460-2313 or 453-8099, or the nearest police station.

The vehicle that was stolen.

The vehicle that was stolen.



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  1. Nowadays you cannot even pee in peace because of ghetto POS from the SLP. What a shame.

  2. Im.not being judgmental..but something about this stoey is fishy..you're a grown man..why the hell would u stop off in an ir near the area of Fond D'or..??pee where you can see!! Idk..smh does not add up..but blessed you are safe Mr. Elderly.

    • Do you know if said elderly has a medical condition and he just had to go? You people are sick man. The man is from the valley, born and raised you think he will be thinking someone will jump out the bushes when he's ready to relieve himself. COME ON NOW!

  3. Poor Sharon, you must not let people give you so much "lock". Just try to be reasonable in future. Cool?

  4. But Sharon, Chastanet has banned the Jazz Festival as we knew it and is replacing it with a Summer Festival that will run for TWO WEEKS every month, four SEVEN months So, as I see it, we will be having Christmas and carnival every month for seven months, not to mention the regular weekend fetes. And, by the way, Sharon, Chastanet is putting together a Commission to look at the number of public holidays we have. He says he is concerned about productivity. Can you help him rationalise these two positions: rum drinking every two weeks for seven months, followed by Christmas, Assou Square and Easter(if Easter is not banned), and the need to enhance productivity. It's lunch time, so have a great one.

    • Stop spreading nonsense; google is your friend. Get your facts right regarding the summer festival.

      • Let's not turn this into a ba k and forth on the proposed festival to replace Jazz. The initial story was about a crime that occurred I the Dennery Valley. it was Sharon who shifted gears with the comment she made. There are no "facts" to check on google, because what was commented reflected exactly what the Prime Minister said when he announced the death of the Jazz Festival. So let us wait and see how things pan out in the next few weeks leading up to the Summer Festival. We have no time to cross check what the PM says after he has made his public comments. In the meantime, and going back to the root of the story, let us hope that the victims are OK and that their vehicle is recovered soon. Let's stick to the point.

    • @ Anonymous you're an ass!! Smh...i totally agree with the PM at the number of holidays st lucia has..smh..you know how much revenue the island loses out on..!!??..St Lucians are too happy..all we do.is complain whine..do shittt...and wait for "The Government" to pull strings for us..f the government..red yellow green..We have to strive for our survival not the government..smh!!

  5. I think you need to stop commenting period. You have nothing good to say. You're an ASS an uneducated one to be exact


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