UPDATED: Police investigating child abuse allegation in Dennery

UPDATED: Police investigating child abuse allegation in Dennery


The matter involving a four-year-old child who was allegedly physically abused by his stepmother in Grand Ravine, Dennery is now being investigated by the police.

Police Public Relations Officer Zachary Hippolyte told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) this morning that the police is actively pursing this matter.

Hippolyte could not say whether criminal charges will be laid against the stepmother, but said the police are now gathering evidence as part of the investigations.

A police official had told SNO on Wednesday night  that the matter was transferred to Social Services.

Meanwhile, the child’s mother told SNO that her son is still in a bad shape at the hospital. The woman could not say however, where exactly the child sustained injuries.

The woman claimed that both the Social Services Department and the police were dealing with the matter.

The father was also questioned in the matter.


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  1. If it was my child and wife his stepmother or should I say his roadmother did that mweh take ka chwe' Chou sa.. Then I would see what the police would say cuz I would not have been of sound mind too.... May his poor little soul rest in peace...
    is the justice..


  2. Smh youre saying The young woman is not an abuser, she is a Godfearing Christian woman, blood washed did she pay you to write that or are you specking about your self smh if you have Christ leaving in you .you won't be an abuser. want sickness you talking about well if there was any kind of sickness the hospital report cards should confirm that to the police bring in the reports smh some people don't think be four they speck


  3. i was just getting off a bus at victoria when i heard about this child and i was soo heart broken i felt chills all over me, family members who just came out said that the young lady push the child head onto the wall .she did not mean to kill him. but im saying why the hell would u push a child head on a wall regardless of what. poor innocent soul i wish you were mine id love and care for you. those who God grace with these miracles take it for grated while people like me who cant have kids are dying to love them


  4. But my lady u saw marks on his skin before that, why u continued to send him there? In the arms of the wicked!


  5. I just heard on HTS news broadcast this evening the little boy passed away. My heart goes out to the family especially his biological mom. I am a single parent of two young children and I will fight tooth and nail if I was in this situation to seek justice. I hope the police investigate this matter thoroughly. My big problem with this entire situation is that of family services. Why wasn't steps taken when the biological mom reported marks on the children's body? You guys removed the child from the primary care of his mother because she did not have a stable home but could not take the necessary steps to investigate her concerns of possible abuse by his father or stepmother. An investigation need to be carried out on what steps if any did human services take when that report was made by the biological mom. I hope the family do not leave any stone unturned. Someone need to be held responsible for the death of this little boy. It cannot just be another sad case and
    go on with our business. I intend to follow this matter ...........


  6. Mr John you seem to be a very loyal friend, great moral value so how and why you never realised your friend was abusive or the child was being abused. Yes as we are very much aware when something happens in our sweet Helen you hear all stories true or false. The child was loved yet beaten being sick? You're a real real friend the ones who seem to condone evil. A child who have been in a coma and presently dead smh. A person whose name on FB is stated as Anointedone am now wandering anointed in what? A God fearing woman no doubt but is which God absolutely not the one I serve. Its extremely sad the child had to suffer this ordeal but I hope and pray with everything I have this serves as a lesson to many of us who think hiding behind cloaks of said Christianity will save us. To think taking him from his mom would save him but instead cost him his lil precious life is a shame. And for shameless heartless persons to make selfish comments is total rubbish. She was so in love with the dad went against all opposition for the marriage but couldn't love the lil toddler. Am so furious and there is so much more I want to say but...He's in a better place............


  7. I just heard unconfirmed reports that he died. I don't even know what to say about this. Its horrible. How can anyone do this to a baby! Justice needs to prevail.


  8. Ki fork sah.aaa..lord alone knows .if tht was my child i wouldnt be of sound mind uh bcuz trust me i wouldnt mind spending a night in the jail cell after i tore tht woman apart.limb from limb.uhvaitay mweh farshay.....words eh even making sense to me right now.kids need to feel safe and secure in the homes...how would he feel if he has to go bc to his dad',s house..lord take control...bcuz ni toofay...if was my child girl ur ass wud b dirt not even grass but DIRT


  9. holy ghost fire,,,,the devil u r defeated in the mighty name of jesus....trials n tribulations will come....but when we r in God we never fail.....he will definately see u through....n to too who are commenting and doesnt know the mother life n history...................step mother n father


  10. I respect everyones opinion, but the cgild in question , i kno personally... And there was visible signs of abuse all over his body. Belt marks and teeth marks, when asked whete he got those marks, he gave a name.... Which i wont mention. That is the name of the wicked , so called , step mother. U do not treat a child in that manner, kids will always be kids. I will go out my way to see that justice prevails in this case. And to u the father, who suppose to be protecting and loving ur child, ur flesh and blood, to allow something like that to happen to this little boy, u are just as wicked and evil as ur woman.... So much more i could say about this case but im gonna sit back and see what is goin to happen.. Time will tell.




  11. John stop contradicting yourself,you said "UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE the mother would abuse the child"...But yet still the she knew the child was sick & she still hit him? Come on man,don't you realize how foolish you sound? If is a viss you want from the young lady just ask for it,don't stand up for someone who hit the child (that's not even hers) & sent the poor lad into a coma.


  12. how judgemental can some st.lucians be. i know of the young woman, the step mother and under NO CIRCUMSTANCE would she abuse the child. the stepmother treated the child like her own, constantly taking walks with the child. she had too much love for the child for the news to be broadcasting that she abused the child. this is really hardbreaking to hear people speak about the youbg woman in that manner. the child was sick and when the mother hit the child (which is not as severe as reported, the sickness got worst. the young woman is not an abuser, she is a Godfearing Christian woman, blood washed , yes we all fall short.


    • You making sense? If the child sick y would she beat the child? What sickness does the child have to make licks make him even sicker? Where or what is the correlation there? Stop making excuses for people. Being a Christian and God fearing person does not make you devoid of doing bad things or free from pain and suffering. If she is as you say then God will see her through and justice will prevail.


    • The child was sick and when she hit the child the sickness got wost. Are u serious. The sickness got worst. If she gave the child a lil knock or whatever the child would hv never been unresponsive. The child obviously had to hv gotten a very hard knock. Stop being bias cause if u didn't no the person involved u would hv said otherwise. This is nonsense. So all the other times the child had bruises what was that about. I think I should jist shut ur ass and the take a sit. The woman is not of soind mind all of a sudden if I was that child's mother I wouldn't hv been of sound mind too. Smfh. Nonsense


    • Is you last name Ass hole or Dumb ass John? A sick child needs love,attention, to be cuddled and held. She had so much love for him yet still she beat him while he was sick. Are you serious? Did you think before you wrote that or you just sat at your computer and start typing. God fearing I guess she didn't fear God as much as she made you believe. Not everyone that goes to church is a Christian there are more hyprocrites in church. She does need the blood of Jesus right now to save this little boy. Chpz


    • But weh did he get the teeth marks and belt marks dat girl is jus a bitch to do this to a baby smh if u luv d man luv d child......


  13. this place is messed up why is the police passing the case onto children services without laying charges .... like when is this going to stop...


  14. so because social services now handling the case no criminal charges are coming?? what if the child dies then what?? can social services after doin an investigation then go back to the police and say the person should be charged???

    this is very interesting to find out...


  15. Only in St.lucia!!! We wonder why so many kids are being abused in this country physically and sexual cause nothing is veing done to them. A woman allegdely beats a child and put him in the ICU and she walk free. It's time we up grade our laws. St.lucia want to adopt big Country lifestyle but still want to keep the third world laws


  16. Madness if this individual is not charged. Lawlessness. The police should still be involved. What message are we sending.


  17. Youll women like to give youll children to much its tym that we sit our butts down n take care of our responsibility . Stop giving youll childrrn to to step parents cause thats always the outcome


  18. Only in SLU, nonsense like this happens, for the police to say that the matter will no longer being dealt with them and criminals charges against the stepmother will most likely not occur. Seriously? What if the child dies?


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