“Demolishing does not mean the entire hospital” – Joseph

By SNO Correspondent

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Minister Joseph at Monday’s press briefing.

At a pre-Cabinet press briefing on Monday, Sept. 25, Minister for Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation, Guy Joseph, hastened to reassure Saint Lucians who may have been alarmed by statements made last week by Minister of Health Mary Isaac.

Saying he had not heard Minister Isaac’s statement, he nevertheless rejected the idea of complete demolition, noting that a partial tear-down and rebuild of certain deficient areas may still be necessary.

“Demolishing does not mean the entire structure of the hospital. There are certain components of the hospital that needs to be redone. And if you are trying to redo it you may be better off building something new. The idea of demolishing is if you want to use the same footprint of the entire facility…” he said.

When asked for more information about which components exactly would need to be redone, Joseph responded: “I cannot give you all of the details of what is happening. The recommendations are, to get St. Jude’s functional, you have to condemn the whole bottom floor.”

Joseph reiterated that all options are still on the table, and while he was not able to give a specific timeline as to when they’ll be able to announce a plan for the way forward, he assured the gathered press that all efforts are being made to solve the myriad of issues plaguing the rebuild process.

Minister Joseph informed the press that further inspections of the facility are imminent.

“I can say that on Wednesday of this week we are doing a tour with the Fire Service at St. Jude, because the Fire Service has been making recommendations in relation to St. Jude to meet the basic safety requirements. So we are going down there again to see based on the previous recommendations they had made how it fits into the existing facility. So we will be down at St. Jude on the site at 10 am on Wednesday morning.”

He brushed off press requests to accompany him, saying “Well, you’ll have to call the press secretary, I’m not the one to make that decision,” despite earlier referring to the St. Jude site as an “open house”.

According to a memo dated January 26, 2016 entitled “Re: Fire Safety Appraisal of St. Jude Hospital Reconstruction Project at Augier, Vieux-Fort”, some of the safety recommendations that needed to be implemented at that time were:

• Fitting the proposed elevator with a fire emergency feature
• Marking final exits with illuminated “FIRE EXIT” notices.
• Ensuring that exit doors are rated for a minimum of 90 minutes
• Extending the proposed automatic fire alarm system to all buildings on the premises
• Installing heat detectors in cooking areas, generator rooms, etc.
• Configuring storage areas to meet safety standards
• Developing an evacuation plan
• Conducting a walkthrough to oversee testing of safety systems

In the “Findings and Recommendations” section of the document presently in the public domain entitled “SHJRP Technical Audit: Interim Report”, there was no reference made to the need for demolition of buildings on the hospital site.

Joseph asserted that the technical audit “has saved us millions”, and that “a financial audit is very much required”. He noted however, that a proper audit would be exceedingly difficult to conduct properly, since according to him “there is not a single document in the Ministry from the Accounting Department of the Ministry itself to say that they kept abreast with basic financial statements”.



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  1. Guy Joseph I hope you know demolish come with a price tag


  2. All very sad. More corruption. No one is accountable.


  3. well if demolishing does not mean the entire hospital tell Minister of Health Mary Isaac to choose her words and explain them properly next time.


  4. Guy Joseph
    How can you make a statement without accurate information? Furthermore, how can you not know what Mary Isaac said? Your party was elected to serve St. Lucians and you as a government should communicate with each other before you put the cat among the pigeons.
    You are all a bunch of ignorant and selfish people who put your needs before your people and your country. St. Lucia, will never prosper until we have an honest government.
    Your lack of respect for your country is beyond me. How much more money will you, Kenny etc waste on St. Jude. You as a government should have thrown all the contractors on the project in jail including Kenny Anthony. This is the only hospital in the south and with such a history should be protected. When you all have the clout to deal with action and consequences regarding all the corruption in our little island we will be prosperous and United.


  5. The funny thing is that nobody will go to prison for fraud.
    Inside they are promoted in the Government Services.


  6. It has to be broken down because some Entrances cannot accommodate wheel chairs.

    With a lot more problems that i do not want to disclose. Because they may know who its
    coming from.

    This whole thing is a very expensive joke.


  7. We must be really foolish

    So break down parts of the hospital to fit the "proposed" elevator (elevator has not yet been installed) with a fire emergency feature, put up emergency lighting and develop an emergency plan??? And we still have people believing in party politics and politicians. SMH


  8. My son i didnt raise u to b a jackass, u say the hospital need to demolish, now u checking ur assness u saying is not the whole hospital, ur belly will never full, to install fire safety measures u hve to demolish the hospital like u Said. A few fire alarms and training. Eat my boy eat, heard the devil likes fat asses. Urs almost deh


  9. Guy Guy Lie Lie...so sick of that dishonest and greedy bunch


  10. My suggestion the part of the building that's not safe or acceptable, just knock it down and continue with the hospital. It would be nice if it be available to the public by independence next year.


  11. SNO that is CLEVER choice of photo HAHA! Guy looking down at us with that condescending look on his face HA! Well Done! On another note, Vieux Fortians look out! Fresh Start Incoming!


  12. This whole thing is a sad, sickening and comical episode, worse in that this nonsense continues to be perpetuated even up to now.

    But both parties have to take total blame, more so the SLP administration. Even the authorities still cannot get it right as Mary Issac says one thing and Guy Joseph another. But she actually is the Minister of Health and ironically they both sit in cabinet. So where does that leave us citizens. This sick joke must be put into competent hands for the people to be confident in what is going on, once and for all. It must be taken out of the hands of government.

    So voila. this means no sports stadium for another three to four years.


  13. St.Jude's Hospital is the story without an end!


  14. Release the technical audit that the taxpayers paid for. Then we can read for ourselves what the deficiencies are and what recommendations were made to get the building in compliance with the appropriate standards. This should satisfy all of us and put all the hearsay to rest.
    I would think that the report would have been released instantly if there were misappropriation, or areas of malfeasance started in the report. Guy would have never stayed quiet. Guy! You can put purfume on a pig all you want...it will still stink!!!


  15. The man is getting on like he signed a contract with the devil


  16. at fisrt uwp said the entire hospital will be demolished, now guy changing tone . why don"t uwp just come clean . trump e zim .


  17. Please make photos of the hospital available to the public so we can see the progress or at least have the press do a tour of the structure. An engineer should be there as well to give his or her opinion on the structure There is too much propaganda. So much money has been put into this structure..if it is not fit..then who was monitoring the progress. I am getting sick of all these political setbacks.The nation is tired of these setbacks; we need to be up and running!


  18. Who must put up the millions again if they break it ? Where needed if you all want to add to it but don't break nothing


  19. The initial contractor's building plan for the hospital should have been reviewed and those things should have been mandatory. Everything in this country is built very cozy like what would be appropriate for midgets or Asian population.


  20. Oh no Mr.Joseph it doesn't mean the entire structure... Your plan is to issue jobs to those you OWE...lets not pretend...the room reeks of borbol on every corner... You hacks disgust me and are a disgrace to us youth. Bunch of jokers


    • He has to disburse to his colleagues and share the pie as with every party does.... Its a never ending cycle of indirect crime...all of you should be investigated..have them declare their accounts in 48hrs..see all the tax payers millions well fermenting in the bank.. Failure to present said information will activate further investigation and a solid breakdown of his/her incomes.

      You guys accept too much from this YELLOW/RED cataclysmic, leaching, horrid mess of assembled beings calling themselves politicians... Stop the nonsense or we the youth will. And it will be messy


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