“Democracy is dead in the UWP” – Richard Frederick

By Samuel Sukhnandan, Staff Reporter

Richard Frederick

United Workers Party (UWP) Castries Central Member of Parliament (MP) Richard Frederick claims there is rise of dictatorship in the party with little or no democracy.

“It is quite clear once you do not support Allen Chastanet or you do not totally submit to him, you are in for it,” he said.

Frederick’s comment comes on the heels of a recent decision made by the UWP General Council to have him expelled for not attending meetings and labelling a member as a political failure.

The UWP MP referred to the way in which Stephenson King was unceremoniously removed from his post as opposition leader and his employees were dismissed.

“If Allen Chastanet could treat two members of parliament, those with a voice in that manner, how would Allen Chastanet treat the average poor Saint Lucian who cannot even gain access to him?” he questioned.

Frederick said the main reason for his expulsion is for calling his colleague, Oswald Augustine, a political failure.

“Let me reiterate, Augustine has been a member of CDP, NDM, PLP and other failed political parties. He contested elections and could not put together double-figure votes. So if calling Ossie boy a political failure is not justified, I don’t know what is,” he stated.

Shifting his attention to Chastanet, Frederick accused the party leader of being destructive wherever he is.

“Chastanet’s record at Wind Jammer and Air Jamaica are destructive, they are a disaster. Allen Chastanet did his fair share of destruction on the public purse of this country. We remember him paying Hepple hundreds of thousands of dollars while poor St. Lucians could not get something to eat. Boxing in Paradise got millions of dollars through tax payers’ monies,” he added.

Further, Frederick recalled that Chastanet was responsible for renting a tent for $3 million for the FCCA conference.

“As if that was not enough, Allan Chastanet’s travel expenses amounted to hundred, nearing millions of dollars. His telephone expenses were hundreds of thousands of dollars, more than any prime minister ever incurred. Allen Chastanet is renowned for being destructive. The sad reality is Allen Chastanet has laid his hand on the UWP, doing what he doing best, destroying it. Sir John must be turning in his grave,” he added.

The UWP MP claims that Chastanet has also been successful in dividing the support base.

Frederick also suggested that the party has been “wounded” by his actions and it would take a lifetime for the wounds to heal.

“With Allen Chastanet there is and there can never be hope. However, one thing is certain before I leave, I will continue to do whatever I can for the people of Castries Central and by extension Saint Lucia,” Frederick said.

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  1. Here's the thing, Kenny expelled Sarah while he was PM with a very comfortable majority. Chastnet has not won a seat yet he is moving against two key players namely king and Fredrick.

    I can see it coming from a country mile. He needs a Castries seat to swing himself into power. he needs the kind of seat where his money can reach beyond his appeal. He sees King and Fredrick as easy targets occupying safe seats in the commercial district.

    This move shows how naive this guy is. Compton in his last foray saw the political value of both those guys, shrewd operator he was. Chastnet will pay a high political price for his lack of judgement.
    Kenny must be laughing.

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  3. Didn't Kenny Kick Sarah Flood Beaubrun out of SLP (forced resignation)whilst she held the Castries Central Seat? Was that publicized as much?

    I really thought St lucians had a problem with Richard when he won his seat,i really thought he was a criminal in their eyes? so why all the drama

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  5. I'm just here for the comments.. According to kermit, It's none of my business.

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  9. Flambeaus prefer winning without Richard than to win with him. “Country First”. We are not that desperate.

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  11. Our economy is in a mess because of inflation. Ie UNNECESSARILY high prices which leads to less sales for businesses therefore lower wages. Stop blaming the politicians. Blame yourselves and y'all reckless spending on nonsense!

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  13. Chastenet gave the impression that he would bring to us a better form of politics. But he just dove dipper into the sh*t than the others. Richard has yet to say what we should know. But I'm waiting patiently.

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  15. We chat nonsense as though only lucians are suffering, what about other countries in the world and islands in the Caribbean who are having even rougher times than we do. Now concerning what mr Frederick wrote about chastenet's leadership and stewardship, before we and talk shouldn't we take to heart these and see whether mr chastenet is qualified to have a seat in parliament as well as become leader of this country, Think and you be the judge, and write and talk for the sake of your future, as well as your children's future, Whether he can be trusted with our purse.

    • St Kitts and Nevis is not, and we were doing better than them 4 years ago. St Vincent is not. The USA and Greece economy have improved tremendously.My answer to your question is "YES WE CAN"

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  17. Flambeaus prefer winning without Richard than to win with him. "Country First". We are not that desperate.

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  19. I live to see a better Helen! Richard will win his seat again, maybe Chastnet can try contesting it a be the man with the big mouth. No seat no voice

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  21. A true and experience leader would know how and when to make use of strengths of others not their weaknesses to help the party move forward in a positive direction..
    Be not afraid,time is the greatest factor,have patience...we are too much in a hurry,God is not asleep,just taking a nap.Hate is a bad thing, but I prefer to be hated by others than to be envied of.
    Politics in the entire Caribbean has gone wild,crime has escalated to heights beyond the expectations of many and it will get to that point where many will jump ship,remember Guyana? the gem of the West Indies/ Caribbean ....search the archives "Guyana in the 50's & 60'S," what happened ? unfortunately,St.Lucia is currently at the point where Guyana was in the beginning,then slowly just like termites when you do see them ,it's too late,I pray to God it's not.I plea to the authorities,those with hindsight and foresight,please ,don't allow "CRIME AND CORRUPTION RULE".
    Our main policy makers /law enforcers the wrong you do today affect many especially the mal-lay-way more than ever. Remember Mr. Compton's wife's words ...the UWP will fail the nation,we need to judge ourselves before we judge others,respect yourselves/ show respect to others...back to basics...go back to ground zero...where it all started..let us all work for the benefit and prosperity of our country St.Lucia . Remember,the politicians are our SERVANTS,why we are not demanding that they serve us as they have promised before the polls,only a few of them keep their word so far.Richard & Shawn just to mention a few.
    " Whom God Blessed ,no man cursed" Whatever you sow,that you shall reap.We need to educate our selves and stop being fooled by the politicians.
    Time will tell..
    Good bye...
    John M C

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  23. We must treasure our democracy and respect the decision of the UWP to expel whoever they wish. In the same breath we must applaud Messrs King and Frederick for standing up for their right to express their opinions. These two gentlemen seem to have assisted more poor and average Lucians than most.

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  25. Well, Consider this a blessing Mr. fredrick. Cause "who jah bless, no man curse!" Right??

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  27. When it comes to UWP there can never be a set of men like LANSIQUOT,BOSQUET, MALLET, IRA,LOUIS GEORGE . ECT, All those there now Are A set of HUNGRY LIONS

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  29. Everybody calling everybody all kinda names. Yet, how many want to stand there and take the licks. Put up your names, run for office. If you not ready to be part of the solution don't just criticize. Offer something. Cause just calling each other names not helping our country. Screaming and cussing God for creating water never saved a drowning man.

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  31. Fedrick don't need them

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  33. come next elections SLP nor UWP getting my vote. freak that shit. nonsense

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  35. These people were invited to the UWP and now they are trying to destroy in. What a Life with the average ungrateful politician hungry for power and not hungry to fight for the people cause. More SLP in UWP where is the conservative thinking in this party. Heavy handed in their approach. Chas will die a lonely man on his sword. Gail is emotionally unbalanced and the people of her Community will help her along the way.

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  37. United Racket Party

    de shit go hit de fan!

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  39. "Liberate yourself from mental slavery"- sound advice from Mr. Bob Marley- these words should be at the forefront of the St.Lucian mind but we think not with any sense of direction. More Massa days to come with Chastanet at the helm. Can this island really stand to have this man as the visionary and leader of financial, economic and political sectors? Have we not seen how this family monopolizes on anything they interfere with only for their personal gain. Shall we like sheep be led blindly to the slaughter? Lucians, "Wake up!!!" What happens after you have so freely elected this dictator as leader- do you really think he will hear your voice then? Really!?? I am not condoning illegal activity on the part of any member of government but I did not see nor has Mr. Fredrick ever been proven to be involved in such- hence I cannot comment further but I will say this- Richard Frederick spoke out about the things that were not being done in a democratic fashion- just because he is a member of a party does not make it right to sit tight-liped and say nothing while the moral fabric of an organization is corrupted. For what it is worth whether we agree with the methods used or the platform chosen to voice his concerns, he did what was needed to expose what we call "bob-ball". It is sad that the other members of the UWP are like fools allowing things to continue because they do not want to jeopardize their political agendas- but I ask you men and women in positions of leadership , what about the persons who voted you into power? Have you no consideration for their plight or is it more important to fatten your pockets- well you greedy SO and Sos- we already know the answer to that question. Bunch of cowards! By the way- Kenny and his blind mice need to go too!

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  41. I wonder who will the UWP blame when they lose the next General Election. lmao.

    And isn't it odd that those who lost their seats in the last general Election, are blaming Richard Frederick for same.
    Now where did this ass-backward logic come from.
    Because clearly Richard Won his seat.

    So my question to the UWP mentally unstable morons posting on here......................................................................................
    What did Richard Frederick do so differently that he was able to retain his seat whilst others failed so miserably?

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  43. Isn't it sad to see the Members of the UWP posting on here, are really trying to do damage control. Lmao.

    I think any party can win the next General Election excluding the UWP.

    I am so sorry UWP. (:

    Your white daddy is making you look like a total ass.

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  45. You sat on a stage with a "Failure" all that time and said nothing. You campaigned with a "power hungry" lion and said nothing. Today however, you want to do some exposing...Richard, like you always say, your character or reputation will speak for you. Just stop the back biting.

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  47. The so called ministers of both UWP and SLP are just a bunch of premature , selfish , little boys who just want to push their hand in the pot n don't really care for the citizens or St.Lucia . You may fool 90% of the people of St.Lucia but I'm not one of THEM. If only St. Lucians would put their heads together n come together n make the people they put in power do what the citizens of the country wants them to do would be better for the country .

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  49. I am most disappointed that Frederick has all this to say now. Didn't he think it important to have said all that he is saying now at an earlier time. This is what I call hypocrisy, childish, stupid, viscous and a lot more. Would be better if Richard did like King and just shut his mouth right now. I am beginning to not like more about you every time I hear this shit coming from your mouth.

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  51. He's an instigator,antagonizer,provocateur,and aggressor. He let the job go to his head and become intoxicated with his own self importance.Again he's despicable,conniving and plain ruthless.

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  53. May God be with Hon. Richard Frederick, its going to be a long battle but I believe you will come out victorious in the final analysis. After the next pool they all must GO and we will rebuild this Fair Helen. PS: I will stand on the side of a man who understand his mistakes of past and is committed to change and GOOD.

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  55. We as st.Luciana have to come together to make our beautiful island a better place for our kids. The politicians alone cannot do it. Lets all look in the mirror and ask outsell what can I do to make st.lucia better. It starts at the grass roots level.

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  57. Come on Richard. You have more skeletons in your closet than any other politician so why come and talk shate against Chastnet. You know exactly why you were fired from the UWP... for non compliance, for thinking that you were superior than the other party members, for thinking that you were untouchable,For not being a team player... not for talking about Ozey Boy. Sir John wanted you out of the party so please do not disgrace Sir John for thinking that he is turning in his grave. On the contrary i think he is celebrating that you are finally out. King on the other hand should get himself in line and comply with the party rules or else he should be fired too. He should not follow Richard because Richard bread is buttered. King need his job in the UWP party and should detach himself from Richard. The uwp party need to quickly clean house so they can prepare for the upcoming general elections. Uwp supporters should not be discouraged because these changes within the party will ultimately cause a little instability because people generally resist change. Nothing to worry about, the party will stabilize itself soon.

    • So now when someone speaks the truth it's call "shate" jus because he didn't say wat u wanted to hear doesn't mean it's shate. The truth jus hurts sumtimes. We need to stop being party hacks.

      • Don't you all realise Richard Frederick have nothing else to say? He is starting to sound like an old broken record. Chastanet is this....... Ausy Boy is that......Is that what you guys were referring to when you said "the shit go hit the fan" or "Bom caca ky payta". If the SLP believe he is that good why don't they re embrace him in the party. I dare them. I as a flambeau would prefer loosing without Richard than to win with him.

    • This is why the country is in a mess and it is because of people like you. Instead of looking at it in a positive light, meaning the the last administration was doing a great job with Stephenson King at the helm with forty thieves when compared to the SLP administration with a Mad Doc with 40 Nurses. UWP seems to have that same school of thought as SLP and should not be trusted. Let us all suffer under the DOC while the nurses cannot give a dissenting opinion. Self serving and reputation damaging, hungry politicians on both sides while the young men go to Jail and you women go to UWI. "School of thought" (UWI)what a waste.

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  59. Flambeau at it again. Never a dull moment with that party. It's like somebody paying them to do sh_t.

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  61. Richard is an fool, idiot, dishonest, fool, Sir John would be rejoicing now. What you did to his family came back to hunt you. You and king cause Jeanin to resign from UWP. You are a bully. You feel you are the boss. You always wanted to be political leader of UWP so you can pas more money. King know you owe customs and when Kenny told Jamacia you are a money Launderer you join UWP. He was coerrect You were the biggest disaster that happen to St.Lucian politics,like wise himself also. You always promised to destroy UWP with Chastent at the head, We know you are in bed with Kenny that's why he not attacking you and King. You are only for your self, now you can be the leader of your own party and King deputy. Move on, I rather see UWP lose without you than win with you. King and yourself cause UWP to lose the last election!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • worriedAboutLucian

      How did he cause the party to lose when he won his seat? Not a supporter of any of them liars but just don't understand that logic.

      • Its like voting for better days and getting bitter days. We do what we must for the vote but our reputation said more about us.

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  63. St. Lucians have no idea what democracy is...the "monkey see, monkey do" politics adopted in this country has nothing to do with democracy.

    The citizenry of St. Lucia are to blame for their own demise, because their political intelligence remains still-born, even after so many generations since the inception of adult suffrage!

    The political "musical chairs" being played every 5 years by the SLP & UWP (and even if a second chair is added to include the participation of the LPM) shows that the political mentality of the St. Lucian electorate is regressive, even.

    Per Einstein's definition of Insanity: "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

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  65. disgruntled , upset, now you know how st. lucians are feeling....... I AM JUST FED UP OF ALL POLITICIANS...word to Kenny, if you see you sign to have anyone salary cut , you better call for an election , you bastard...........

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  67. I am blaming the other members of the UWP who saw themselves as unworthy, with little to bring to the populace to win any election, thus gave way for Chastenate.

    And now this guy (Chastanet) is on a rampage, talking more crap (and believes it's wisdom)

    His brain never filters the Junk that comes out of this mouth.

    So sad for Chastenate.
    Sad Individual

    • You running scared of Chastanet. He's going to shut down your STEP program so your backside will be back to square one sucere.

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  69. Where are the people in Saint Lucia who can make a positive difference? Stop hiding and help your country. The quality of persons going up for elections now a days is pathetic and those who started off well become corrupted. We need people who put love of country first and love of self gain last.

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  71. Come on Richard...hasn't history teach you anything about white men's entitlement to power?

    You are now sounding delusional.

    But you're ok in my book, Richard.

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  73. People lets face the truth. Richard Frederick had outlive his usefulness. The man won his seat by the scruff of his neck. It was obvious that his novelty was gone so that is the best thing that could happen to the UWP

    Now Mr King need to come to his senses and acknowledge his place in the party so that he can make a meaningful contribution for himself. He need to acknowledge that he himself is a dismal failure. With all those resources at his disposal he could not win a general election. I know the pundits will say he won his seat but as leader and prime minister he should have won the general election.

    • Stop pulling at straws to save face.

      If Richard Frederick has "Outlive his usefulness" according to you, then explain Sir Johns reign of power for nearly 40 years.

      Because I'm sure you would understand that your statement makes absolutely no sense.

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  75. Good riddance. You talk to much that's one of your main problems and u always have to b the center of attention. U not sqeaky clean either just another empty vessel making noise and another pot calling kettle black

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  77. Open Eyed Citizen I hope you remind your self daily that Karma is a bitch and you are walking in the paths of righteousness. God bless you.

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  79. Though im not a fan of frederick, but do i sense a bit of threat from the other members of the United Wreckers Party... Once and indicidual feels threatened they look to eliminate their competition.... There is a diplomatic way in doin things and somebody needs to teach the members if the UwP some manners... Time for a new party or parties in st. Lucian politics.... Fed up of the current ones

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  81. what you mean by democracy is dead. thats not true. you not attending meetings; you not going to your constituency office since the elections. what kind of representation is that. the people of central castries deserves better.the majority saw you as a liability because you are not a team player.

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  83. By watching some of the comments here, Some of You citizens of st Lucia are a bunch of hypocrites. Knowning demn well this guy is living foul, yet still supports him! Shame, no wonder this country is a mess. (FYI: I don't support either parties, just another concerned citizen living abroad).

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  85. Only time will determine if this was a good move. We are define not by what happens to us but by how we react to what happens to us.

    If expelling Frederick will make the UWP stronger, only time will tell. We just have to sit back, relax and watch the future unfold. I wish the UWP well and hope they are strong enough to deal with whatever the outcome may be.

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  87. Tell us the Millions you rob us too, it's not Chasnet alone...come on keep talking

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  89. while u at it Frederick tell the people about the Projects you gave your Partner JJ

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  91. Mr Allan will never become MP not in this Lifetime . A leader without a seat ha ha ha .

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  93. Mr Frederick i await YOUR party - u won ur sit by being a LEADER and not a follower -

    u know the struggles of the lowest to highest SAINT lucian

    u represent PEOPLE

    i await your return to LEAD as u (AND THE MOST HIGH) KNOWS YOU CAN !!!!

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  95. y they expel the man bcause he expose there wrong doing.they did janine the same...micheal flood and stephen king

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  97. Karma is a B****. Richard should have seen this coming. He is an unrighteous man who has abused his power in many ways and dealt unjustly with many citizens of St. Lucia. The things you do in this life always comes back and bites y in the butt. Good bye Frederick. P.s. ...this is just the beginning of things to come...haha

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  99. to hell with u ppl!

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  101. Some of this is likely true, but Fredericks has long since stopped making any contribution to the wider good. One feels that if he cannot be in the hot seat, he will not play any part at all.

    This country is doomed. Kenny is a complete and utter charlatan, who has run up hundreds of millions of debt, acts against the constitution and is a divisive figure. But equally there is no stand out alternative for leader. What a mess.


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