Decomposing body of man found in Sans Souci home

Decomposing body of man found in Sans Souci home
Kevin Elias
Kevin Elias
Kevin Elias

Police are investigating the discovery of a dead body found in a house at Sans Souci, Castries on Sunday.

The decomposing body which was confirmed to be that of Kevin Elias was found around 5.p.m., according to reports.

A foul stench emanating from the home in which Elias occupied, caught the attention of neighbours who went to investigate, and discovered the man’s lifeless body sitting on a chair covered in flies.

The police and ambulance were called to the scene.

Neighbours said Elias lived alone and was going through a difficult time as he had no water and electricity at his home for over two years.

He was described as a friendly and courteous individual.

This publication understands that Elias has relatives in Vieux Fort and a brother that lives overseas.


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  1. Deeply Saddened by this news. Reading the article and the circumstances around "Shaq's" (SMC old nickname ) death... heart breaking. I must too confess that the brief cordial interactions I've had with him over the past few years were filled with the usual how are you's, chit chat, a few jokes maybe... and the brief interactions would be over. Satisfied that I had caught up with an old school mate and he was doing just fine. The warm nostalgic feeling that comes with Briefly reminiscing of school days.. then moving on. I feel saddened that I hadn't even known that he no longer had his job. The assumption that he was just a bit of a loner, enjoying his own company, on his own 'heights', erased even the suspicion that something was amiss in his life; and that he would soon die a lonely death. I am grieved, because I can claim to be someone who cares about people, preach and teach others about loving on and caring for others and yet I, could miss this... over at least 12 brief transient interactions over the last two years. I'm deluded or over emotional when I say this, because I didn't orchestrate or contribute to the circumstances of his life now, BUT I feel personally responsible for how it ended now, because with a little more effort, actual care and concern, Kevin's story could have been vastly different. My condolences to his closer friends, your hearts must be breaking more than mine... Let's do better, be more intent and purposeful with our friends, old schoolmates, "lovedones"... who are still alive. Grieved.


  2. Sad to see someone who I talk to during school days. We had fun times together but lost contact with each other. I saw him a few days before he passed away walking infront of Dominos Rodney Bay. I really thought he wasn't living here anymore.
    The individual the spoke about Beausejour pH 2 neighbors are so wrong. We have a very close and well organized community. If you take us as "fighting class" then maybe you have a problem with your self esteem. Look this Sunday we have a clean up campaign and I'm sure you are one of those that don't participate in any group activities we have. On that note go look for something better to do with yourself.

    You should not be using Kevin's death to slander other innocent people.

    RIP Kevin


  3. I knew this Ras, he actually taught me to Drive, a few years ago, saw him an couple of weeks ago though. I am so shocked and surprised.........Said hello to him and walked on. Wow, you never know boy what ppl are going through, we all wear a mask in this world, never showing what is really doing on inside. RIP my brother, .....


  4. Sigh.. so sad i feel somewhat responsible because when i meet with him it was just a hi and bye, my heart goes out because i wonder what was going through his heart and mind that wouldn't allow him to reach out. can people be that selfless that it would cause you to think twice to seek their help or assistance.


  5. Kevin was a truly gentle and kind soul. A conscious young man who I will always remember for his positive attitude and willingness to encourage anyone he met. May your soul rest in peace Kevin. You made your world better by being in it. May those who knew you learn from your positive, kind and gentle attitude in life.


  6. It is so sad that people only know people when they can get anything them , when you down and out and in need ,they rather talk about it over and over again instead of giving a helping hand. Then those same people come to your funeral saying they paying their respects. The Bible have it , people will become selfish , lovers of themselves.


  7. This is the second decompossed body found in the span of just a few weeks. A known epilleptic man who lived alone, was also discovered after neighbours were unable to stand the stench at Assou Camal, Grand Rivere a few weeks ago.

    This begs the question; are we really our neighbours keepers?


      • @ Jerry...It is not because we are being too Americanize, it is simply because we have no empathy and love. We have become selfish and it is all about me me me. We must never look down on a man until we have walked a mile in his shoes. If only some of us would take the time to ask and notice what is going with our brother or sister, may be things would turn out differently. To his family, if you all knew he was not well mentally and physically, why did you all turn your backs on him when he needed you all most and let him battle his problems all alone? Let us try to show a little love for each other I know it is very hard at home but food is still in an abundance, a little water and a candle is not so hard to share. It is so sad he died a lonely death without another person having a shred of care for him, no one had him on their mind.


  8. His house looked like a deserted home except for the occasional glimpse of the deceased when he came in or out of the property.
    Unfortunately we now live in a selfish society where we have forgotten to be our brother’s keeper.


  9. Rip my bro.

    I knew you were going through Depression.
    You lost your mom.
    You lost your dream job.
    You battled anxiety.
    You my friend were dealt a hard hand in life.

    I know without a shadow of a doubt your consciousness will transcend Death.

    A truly good man. I'm proud to have spent many years together with you in our teen years and early 20's .

    My Boasky.

    Your boy Tru-Fye!!!


  10. Say that to the residents of Beausjour PH2,,, fighting class ,, for shit ,, all of you come out of a slam in Castries


    • What's your problem? Are you jealous of the people who live in Beausejour Ph2? Do you live in a slum in Castries?
      You should be proud that Lucians who came from the slum in Castries are now the Beausejour bourgeois and you should try to emulate them.


    • not only in your area,, everywhere.. only on the job we know people. get home and neighbours close their doors


  11. so ?, we should always check on our neighbors a little shout out when passing by especially if you've not seen the person for a couple of days...


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