Death of elderly Choiseul resident “inconclusive”

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The post mortem examination on the body of 78-year-old Gabriel Johnny who was found dead in Mongouge, Choiseul on June 30, has been completed however police are yet determine whether the death is a homicidal or accidental in nature.

A law enforcement source said based on the results of the post mortem, the circumstances surrounding the cause of death is “inconclusive”.

“We can’t say definitively [that it was a homicide or an accidental death],” the source said.

Further investigations will have to be conducted to come to a conclusion, the source added.

According to the post mortem, carried out on Wednesday, July 5 by Dr. Wayne Felicien, Johnny died as a result of “subarachnoid hemorrhage secondary to right orbital and parietal skull fracture due to traumatic head injury”.

A medical source explained the results of the post mortem: “Bleeding in the head from the damaged blood vessel. The blood causes pressure to buildup in the cranium and forces the brain stem against the base of the skull. Unless the pressure is released the person dies as all brain function is stopped due to lack of oxygen and other supplies, as there is no blood flow in or out.”

Reports are that Johnny left home around 8:30 Friday morning (June 30) to cut wood to make charcoal but never returned home on time.

His brother reportedly discovered his body around 5 p.m. the same day with injuries to the back of his head and a swollen right eye.

Relatives said the area where Johnny worked is near a precipice with a lot of rocks below




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