DEAR WILLIE: Her boy-friend’s girlfriend is pregnant

DEAR WILLIE: Her boy-friend’s girlfriend is pregnant
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Dear Willie: I am 18 years old and I have been sexually involved with a 33-year-old man. The sex is fantastic, the positions are breathtaking and the timing is perfect.

The only problem is that he has his girlfriend and now she’s pregnant. I am so involved with this man that I block out his pregnant girlfriend. I am afraid that when she gives birth that I won’t get as much pleasure as I used to.

I also think that I am falling deeply for this man but I need to step away. What do you think i should do?

Dear Miss: Why wouldn’t you get as much pleasure as you used to, when she gives birth? If you’re talking about being fearful that he may not have time for you when she gives birth, I doubt you have anything to worry about.

Based on what I know, when babies come, most men become magicians: they simply disappear — or, are seldom around.

Everything is fine. You’re beautiful, sexy, lovely, then bam! You’re pregnant. Your features change. You get fatter. Not beautiful anymore. Then baby comes, you may look worse. He gets turned off, and baby is annoying, and you get even more clingy… That’s when the lust fades — that’s when you will know if the man really loved you.

So I don’t think you should be fearful that you will get less sex and less attention when baby comes because most men, who are often not serious in these scenarios, get turned off when babies come.

And if he really cared for her, or loved her, he would not be cheating, so I don’t think a baby will change anything, as in making him less available.

My only advice is, do not fall in love because karma is a bitch: if he did that to his girlfriend, he is gonna do that to you too — bang you up and probably leave you dry. Or just fill the (your) side-chick role.

And look at the age difference. Think about that.


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