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Deadline for non–machine readable passports extended for another month

Press release

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PRESS RELEASE – The Ministry of Home Affairs and National Security last year announced that Cabinet approved an extension of the deadline for the recall of non– machine readable passports from November 01, 2014 to January 31, 2015.

The public is asked to note that a one month further extension of the deadline will come into effect from January 31 to February 28, 2015.

Citizens of Saint Lucia who presently carry non-machine readable passports will be required to apply for a machine-readable passport at the Immigration Department in the Lamar Building on Bridge Street, Castries before the new deadline date. Passport fees remain as follows: Regular– $80.00 and Express service – $130.00.

At the end of the recall, citizens of Saint Lucia will not be permitted to travel with the non-machine readable passports.

This new system is in compliance with the standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the organization that governs the specifications and guidelines for travel documents.

The introduction of the Machine Readable Passport is to enhance the security of travel documents and to avoid counterfeiting and fraudulent alterations.

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  1. How many days deadline rules to get passport

  2. Why does it cost 120 Pounds Sterling when applying from the UK, when the cost of passport renewal in St Lucia is just 80.00xcd? Sounds ludicrous to me!!!Why must those of us in the UK pay almost 400.00xcd for the very same passport?

  3. Dealing with anything where you need offical documents in St. Lucia is like having a bad case of la gigit.

  4. Customer service at the Passport Office is in need of improvement. The only comfort is that I only have to go there once every five years to renew my passport.

  5. Lol, its all about making money. Didn't the PM tell you all that he is in dire straits so be prepared to be skinned alive and taken for a ride?

    Reality is deadline is fake since you have to go through the same proceedure if you are renewing an old passport or applying for a new. The deadline is just a scare tactic to have you to rush to get a new one. You can apply for a new passport at anytime in the future and they must accept the old one since it is Government property. Don't be fooled.

    • "Wam There" please read carefully ... the deadline date is not about when you can apply for a new passport but about when you can no longer "travel" with the old passport! Irie??

  6. what is express?? Now not two weeks not one week the least for my $130.00 ...three days it can be done come on now better service for my MONEY.

  7. Soooo huhhhh. How many times it has been extended. SMH

  8. It is very funny when the so called Express Service is always spoken about. You either drive or take a long waited bus ride to Castries to then find out that your passport isn't ready due to a fault with the machine. Not once but twice in y case.
    A simple phone call would make it very easy on a lot of people to prevent such unwanted travel to Castries. Contact details are supplied with all applications.
    Not even a mention of a small refund or even an apology. It's about time that we Lucians give and receive the respect that is due to us likewise others.

    • Customers can also call to find out if it's ready before they take that longgg ride

      • Customers? CITIZENS shouldn't have to call before. If the officials at the passport offices stipulates a time, then it should be ready within that time. Monies are paid beforehand. If the passports cannot be ready the Passport office needs to make it THEIR duty to call CITIZENS beforehand to let them know of a hold up.


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