Deadline for National Awards nominations is today

Deadline for National Awards nominations is today

NATIONAL-FLAGPRESS RELEASE – Saint Lucians are encouraged to send in their nominations to recognise citizens for their contributions in their chosen fields of endeavour.

The National Awards Committee reminds all that the deadline for nominations for National Awards to the Order of Saint Lucia is Monday, November 30, 2015.

Chairman of the National Awards Committee, Mrs June King-Frederick, says the Committee is responsible for processing nominations received.  It does not make nominations for National Awards.

“We rely on the public to make nominations to the various categories of awards that are open to the public, and to provide sufficient information about the nominee and why they should be recognised with a national award to the Order of Saint Lucia.  You hear on the call in programmes that this person or that person is deserving of a national award; or somebody should give this or that person an award.

Well, guess what?  You’re that somebody!  If any member of the public feels that someone should be recognised for outstanding service, bravery, humane act or other reason, then this is the time to step up and make a good case for that person,” she explained.

According to Mrs. Frederick, the Committee reviews the nominations received and awards are recommended to the Governor General on the basis of the information that is made available to and verified by the Committee.

The Order of Saint Lucia comprises seven classes. The Grand Cross (GCSL) is the highest award of the Order and is only conferred on persons appointed to the Office of Governor-General, whilst the National Service Cross are awarded only to members of the Police Force, Fire and Prison Services and Commissioned Officers of the Cadet Corps, and the National Service Medal to members of the Public Service.

The public may nominate persons of merit to the Order of Saint Lucia for the Saint Lucia Cross (SLC), the Saint Lucia Medal of Honour (SLMH) and Saint Lucia Medal of Merit (SLMM)in classes of gold and silver, and the Saint Lucia Les Pitons Medal (SLPM) in classes of gold, silver and bronze.

This can be done by completing and submitting the relevant nomination form to the Secretary of the National Awards Committee.  Forms can be obtained from post offices, or online at Forms may be also be completed and submitted online at .

Awards coming out of this year’s nomination process will be made during the Independence celebrations in 2016.


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