Dead fish discovered in Micoud Treatment Plant again

Dead fish discovered in Micoud Treatment Plant again

deadfishPRESS RELEASE – Once again, the Water & Sewerage Company Inc. (WASCO) regrets to inform the residents of Micoud and environs that their supply of water has been shut-down due to having found dead fish in its raw water monitoring pond at the Micoud Treatment Plant.

This is the second time in the month that this situation has developed.

This development has been reported to the Water Resource Management Agency (WRMA) and the Environmental Health Branch (EHB) of the Ministry of Health and they have been requested to conduct comprehensive investigations and testing of the raw water source for the cause or causes which may be killing the fish.

A further advisory with respect to the water supply will be issued shortly.

If anyone has information relating to any malpractices in the river course, they are asked to report it to the Police, the Water Resource Management Agency, the Environmental Health Branch or WASCO.


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  1. i heard they caught the idiots responsible.
    not sure how true it is yet, but i hope it is


  2. G.W, I'll respect your comments,when you stop insulting every St. Lucian. It's more effective to make comments with out insulting people. Until you've learned that lesson, you're fair play. And by the way, if you are a St Lucian, you are also insulting yourself. Think about that.


  3. typical thick as shit Lucian mentality, jouwen kweol is here lets poison up some crayfish to sell to unsuspecting thick as sh-- locals, the only way this cuntry will get any better is if locals stop dropping sh-- everywhere and have some respect for your pissy little island - face it - the place is a f-- tip waiting to blow and poison everyone.


    • you see the same thing here i am trying to say that what we are doing is wrong but the typical fools like you will try and bring a black man down for trying to shed some light on a dark issue that is not good for us . whether saint lucia has rivers or ravines the same principle should be applied to either one to stop the pollution so your point in asking how smart am i and what race i come from is point less and stupid and doesnt make any sense at all


  4. All the fuss on climate change, this is where efforts should be focused. Enforce the existing laws of this country. Stop the unregulated sale of pesticides which ends up in the food and water supply. Take regular food and water samples for testing. Stop the indiscriminate deforestation to curb erosion, flooding and landslides. It's a new day people, get off your Provide means for proper waste disposal. Stop the ignorance which prevails and which is killing us.


  5. I'll take my chances eating some red meat in the meantime. Leave them without water for a whole month. Choopz


  6. I some times wonder when some of us truly goin 2b our brother's keeper by not thinking of his pocket book only but our brothers an sisters health, b coz it just mite b ur family u sell ur poisoned product to.


  7. We are not sensitive to the broader issues of time. So we try to lock the barn gates after the horses have already bolted. It is stupid scary idiotic thinking like in Soufriere.

    So we had a country bookie telling us in other words there was a fire. Good! Get insurance.

    Dead fish this time. Get cameras. Other reasons why the fish may be dying besides direct human behaviour? No thought is given to that. We address problems after the fact.


  8. I hope there is another way to testing water beside waiting for fish to die. The fishes will get sick before they die, we don't how long that process takes. What if there are no fishes in the water?


  9. Why aint these people doing some sort of investigation into this send people out to find out what is going on do some test to the fish set up some video cameras in the area like come on use your fucking brains am sure people know whats causing that because there is a reason why the fish is turning up dead....


  10. i hope if anyone knows something they report it because what these idiots are doing is destroying the environment . if people were not poisoning the rivers or throwing rubbish in them we wouldnt be suffering in droughts cause all rivers would have some sort of water to drink wash and bath and etc but since most rivers are dirty due to nasty ignorant black people we have to take what we get and make the most out of it which shouldnt be.look i heard there is going to be rashening of water,smh there are too many rivers in st luicia for this to be happening


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