DASH 2020 set for weekend launch

DASH 2020 set for weekend launch
DASH Independence COLOR RUN 2019
DASH Independence COLOR RUN 2019

(PRESS RELEASE) – Armed with a new theme and an exciting new cause in focus, DASH 2020 is set to kick off its first popup this weekend at its new JQ Mall Flagship store.

Set for March 1, 2020, the 6th staging of DASH Independence Colour Run will track as the ‘Hero Edition’ which looks to inspire and encourage “fearlessness and confidence” in all DASHers.

To achieve this, the DASH team has successfully retained the support and participation of five of the island’s foremost personalities, all pushing and owning the “It is in me” tagline. It is expected that these ambassadors will inspire the dominant tweens and teen DASHers to own their unique super powers as they encounter and overcome every-day challenges.

These five DASH ambassadors represent the five DASH pillars, which support the roofs and walls of youth empowerment, health and wellness, charity, diversity and unity.

The 2020 cause in the DASH scopes is Junior Achievement St. Lucia’s Innovation Camp – a cause that seamlessly underlines and portrays the unique strengths and gifts of our nation’s youth, expressed in colour amongst friends and family.

“We have all been inspired over the years by the commitment and family that DASH has become and we aspire with mountains of hope to continuously deliver and keep up with the expectations of our DASHers – encouraging them along the way to own their individuality and superpowers as they mature,” said DASH director Akim Larcher.

Some 250 students stand to gain support from this year’s DASH experience, affording them the opportunity to explore innovative solutions to socio-economic problems.

Dione Marshall, DASH director, said, “Teaching a Junior Achievement program is not only a lifelong learning experience to students but it also provides volunteers the opportunity to directly contribute to the development of the youth, allowing for positive impacts in their lives.”

Further, Director Robberta Rose wants DASHers to always believe in their purpose and to not conform to the molds of which they clearly do not fit.

She said, “Never look down on whatever it is that you do but always believe that you are here because of purpose, intent and will”.

DASH has perfected the art of espousing fun with charity, where a celebration of independence meets the celebration of kindness, giving and support.

DASH has introduced an early, rather seamless, online registration campaign that looks to tickle the technology-driven youth into grouping up and managing their own participation process. DASHers who register online – until January 31 – will receive limited BONUS items in their packages. Through this platform, participants have the opportunity to obtain full details from pre-registration package benefits, group offers, and for new comers.

Over the last 6 years DASH Inc. has entrenched themselves as a youth focused independence event which celebrates camaraderie and national pride.

This weekend’s first official popup launch will take place at the DASH Flagship Store on the first floor of JQ Mall (Fitness Studio) where DASHers will have the opportunity to meet and engage with the DASH Heroes and have an opportunity to snag a limited supply of complimentary DASH goodies.

Saturday’s launch will also feature a mini- donation drive where committed DASHers could donate at least one gently used clothing item in island’s national colours and receive an immediate 15 percent discount towards upcycling a garment with EcoCreationz.


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