Darren Sammy chooses Rajshahi Kings over T20 Global League

Darren Sammy chooses Rajshahi Kings over T20 Global League
Daren Sammy
Daren Sammy

(rajshahikings.com) – There was a rumor ongoing that Darren Sammy might opt to play for T20 Global League, the newly launched franchise league from South Africa.

Rajshahi Kings fans were tensed, would their King of Hearts – the leader who put them to BPL 2016 final, come back to them?

South Africa is launching their own franchise league called the T20 Global League.

Sammy has his preference sorted and is all set to play in that league. The 33-year old experienced all-rounder is the captain of Pakistan Super League (PSL) winners Peshawar Zalmi. The Zalmi franchise has bought a team in the T20 Global League and handed the player from St Lucia a request to feature for their team.

Sammy has agreed to strike a deal with Zalmi and hence will skip BPL 5.

At least for now, but our King has returned to us for the upcoming BPL. We are hoping he will take us one step further than last year.


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    • and you chooose to post this under anonymous news bulletin. There is facebook to get the minister, and there is the official bodies within the ministry. Look up their number and emails.
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  2. this shows that sammy isnt a great captain. A great captain can win with any team because s/hr makes good decision with what is available. A bad captain can be given a good team and still lose. Sammy is not a good captain. When he wins, he usually doesnt add to the win neither in batting or bowling. .
    I am not gonna cry for Sammy as whatever he does as a cricketer is for his own pocket. It is not for his nation nor his region. The t20 franchises are for personal gain.


    • So mu guess is u will leave the money and play for a country that doesn't show any respect to their players and much important don't pay much.


  3. Sammy is like a prophet with no honour in his own Region (West Indies) and now his country (St. Lucia) and Pakistan call him their king. Darren Sammy is truly legendary


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