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Darnally Esteva-St Ange wins Curves with Confidence pageant

By Alexander Family Foundation and Events Organization

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img-20170515-wa0005PRESS RELEASE – The first ever Curves with Confidence pageant was hosted on 13th May 2017 at the Morne Coubaril Estate in Soufriere.

Brainchild of the founders of the Alexander Family Foundation and Events Organization, Maylisa and Gary Alexander, the event was a benefit pageant aimed at providing schooling supplies to twenty-five (25) needy children in the communities of Soufriere, Canaries and Choiseul.

The event featured a spectacular set, a stellar location, seven extremely competent and well versed judges; and last but not least, six magnificent contestants.

The night began with performances by the Kurvatour modeling agency and melodious renditions from Jamie Renee.

The contestants held the eager audience wrapped during the introductory segment. Then they shattered every ounce of silence at the estate with their ravishing voluptuous swimwear segment. The excitement continued to build during the various portrayals of talent.

Both judges and audience waited with baited breath for the various answers in the interview segment, which would then separate the queen and her runners from the other contestants.

At the events culmination all, including the contestants, seemed pleased with the judges’ decision and announcement of the winners. Namely:

Darnally Esteva-St Ange – Miss Curves with Confidence 2017- Sponsored by Cool Joint Disco

Lincia Antoine – 1st Runner up – Sponsored by Mampa Agency

Natalie Felix – 2nd Runner up – Sponsored by Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort

Miss Curves with Confidence 2017, Darnally Esteva-St Ange along with the other pageant contestants and the founders of the Alexander Family Foundation are set to appear at the handing over ceremony to the beneficiaries in the month of july.

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  1. The winner has no curves maybe confidence and why Kisha didn't place front stage?why she walking everywhere with a bag that have a third place trophy a tablet a invitation for dinner for 2 at which ever hotel and she said they give it to her back stage.smh look now I seeing there was only two prizes 1st and 2nd.this girl really wanted to win IH but poor jab her walk was from no good to zero.boot bath walk.haha.

  2. No Nonsense Gyal

    Some of you are just ridiculous with your put down of the ladies! Yet the majority of those who have crap to say will not be able to get up on stage and perform in front of an audience! Y'all need to have several seats with y'all bs! Congratulations ladies!! I for one am very proud of you all!!

  3. My my. Some curves. Can't even see the poor chair behind her.

    • Darnally Estava-St Ange

      Can't see the chair behind me?? Lol! I've walked over a$$holes like you all my life and I continue to rise! Bye!! Lol! Watch me at the Miss OECS plus pageant and break your neck! Lol

      • Dat is it Darnall
        .Lucians again..Just bcuz they person dey supporting didn't win or place they hv 2 find all negatives...pssh they sad ūüôĀ

      • They do not deserve a response, keep believing in yourself not their foolish comment.

      • My dear, with that size of yours if you walk over anyone they would be dead. Why aren't you in prison? Fat yet vain. Never seen such a combo. Think about your health. And then the diabetes. And hypertension. And heart disease. And huffing and puffing every two steps. And not seeing your toes. When was the last time you saw your junk? 10 years?

    • v. B
      Please stop your negativity

  4. Darnally you have always been a winner. You are very articulate and intelligent and confident; a quality you possessed from young.

    I applaud you Darnally. Your self esteem and confidence are remarkable in a society where women are typically treated as objects. You give hope to so many women who are shunned because society thinks they do not "look the part". Darnally, you look and speak the part. But remember success typically breeds enemies and hatred. I know you won't be phased. As any successful woman would advise, your demeanour is what will stand the test of time...


    • Darnally Estava-St Ange

      Thank you! I will continue to be who I am and how I am. I thank you for your support and positive energy!

      • From a size 2 to a bigger size you rock girl just keep on rolling. They don't know what they want i was called miss meg all my life now they are getting curves and it is too much for them to handle keep delays bam bam rolling I love it.

  5. Really, yes curves . a--hole

  6. Congratulations to all the big , bold and beautiful ladies who had so much courage to express yourselves in such a talented way. You ladies has shown other how to be confident in you own skin and a size 2 is not always the answer, your talent and beautiful hearts says it all . Big up big girls.

  7. Congratulations ladies.

  8. Not surprised...At Secondary school you were always part of some show ...congrats girl..

  9. Curves ??

    • Darnally Estava-St Ange

      Pro Vision, Lense express, St Lucia optical, Blind Welfare Association..... Even Courts St Lucia LTD have vision aids that you can access. There! I did my good deed for the day!


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