‘Dapper Gentleman’ – tribute to Cornelius George from Titoa Savery

‘Dapper Gentleman’ – tribute to Cornelius George from Titoa Savery
Cornelius George

It’s said, and I have advised many people myself, to never question the work of God and to instead trust that He has a reason for all that he does in spite of us not being able to understand.

Today, and for a very long time to come, myself along with many others will be questioning Him as to why he chose to call you home. Someone, so vibrant, strong and drop-dead handsome.

I sit, and images of your breathtaking smile flash before my eyes and I tell myself that there is no way you could be gone, it just can’t be true.

In the last few hours since hearing of your death, I asked God why exactly did He choose you, was it because He needed a youth leader, a positive, driven, dedicated and outspoken individual with a larger than life personality? Or is it because He needed an amazing photographer to capture untimely moments in heaven?

Maybe it was your poise and charisma, the way you effortlessly made a regular outfit look chic, perhaps a personal trainer because Lord knows you make all these drills look easy!

Sighhhh, was it because He needed someone to come turn up the heat or He just needed a real DAPPER gentleman because you were all these amazing things and more!

With life comes death, it’s inevitable, we all know; but no, we weren’t ready for it to be you.

Your death has left the entire country in mourning because you were an impeccable human being and while you had your flaws like we all do, I don’t think anyone who knew you would change anything about you. You came and impacted this world positively, left a stamp on our hearts and your memories we shall forever cherish.

No parent should have to bury a child who was in their prime and so I pray that whatever the Lord’s reason for calling you home, your parents, family, and friends can someday find peace and acceptance knowing that you are now resting easy in your Father’s care.

Fly high Fit King!

Fly away to your new home and while your work on earth is done I know up in Heaven it has only just begun.

Fly away for the angels are waiting to greet you at the gates of Heaven.

You have now earned your wings, wear it with pride and flaunt your ravishing smile as this is how we will all remember you!

– Written by Titoa Savery


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  1. I have always wondered why ppl believe that God takes someone from his family and those who love him dearly. We say he is a good god yet he would rather leave us in pain? . Sickness, accidents and the alike is what takes good ppl away not God . Mr George was an awesome person full of life full of energy and most of all a hard worker . He loved the best things in life so he worked hard to accomplish them it is sad that he left us all , he was a fighter but any of us can loose to a long standing illness . He lived his life to the full likewise we need to do the same it is very important that God be the center of our lives and not material things . Connie you will be missed gone to soon .


    • I do agree. However, everyone does not go to Heaven, but those you do the will of God, who diligently seek God, who repent and accepted Jesus redeeming blood on the cross for our sins. Living right.


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