Dance on the move

Dance on the move

PRESS RELEASE – On Saturday, April 12, junior and senior dance groups wowed supporters who were at the National Cultural Centre with traditional, contemporary, classical and modern dance pieces.

In a highly anticipated affair, the day’s festival began with the junior dancers performing before a size-able crowd at the National Cultural Centre.

Children of Destiny Dance Ministries, CAM Dancers, Helen Folk Dancers and Tennail Dancers superbly demonstrated the essence of their carefully choreographed dance pieces.

Their taps, body rolls and chest lifts were met with appreciative applause from the expectant audience.  It was a sight to behold as Silver Shadow Performing Arts Juniors, Youth Aflame and CCSS Theatre Arts Class purposefully walked in grace, slid and rocked in rhythmic and detailed sequences across the stage.

At 7:30 p.m., it was the turn of the senior dance groups who strutted their stuff on stage in a phenomenal array of dance styles incorporating classical, traditional folk, calypso and soca, salsa, techno, hip hop and pop music, among others, to convey their varying messages.

In an abstract dance piece titled, #purpose (hash tag purpose), Richard Amboise took the audience on a roller-coaster of emotions as he portrayed the highs and lows associated with life and its pressures.  RADTp:Endedance in dramatic fashion captivated onlookers with their intricately choreographed portrayal.

Expose brought the salsa flavour to the mix, performing Cuban-inspired pieces. Using mime as a form of expression, the Bethel Dance Ministry encouraged the audience to exercise resilience despite the challenges that may be experienced on a daily basis.  Enigma and Genuine 8/6  thrilled the crowd with their use of pop music displaying a maturity and ingenuity characterised  by flair and sophistication. Christylites and Helen Folk dancers did not disappoint as their energetic and entertaining pieces were embraced with glee.

As the night drew on, the crowd held on to their seats for what would be explosive performances from the Silver Shadow Dance Academy and MD Company, the guest performers from neighbouring Martinique.

The illustrations from both the local dance academy and the guests included synchronised movements and gestures which had patrons gasping and applauding throughout the performances. They received standing ovations as their expressions through dance were well received by an appreciative crowd who left satisfied knowing that the future of dance is certain.


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