Damian Mc Gowan wins Courts Sleep-A-Thon Competition

Damian Mc Gowan wins Courts Sleep-A-Thon Competition

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PRESS RELEASE – Twenty Six Year old Damian Mc Gowan, has won the highly anticipated Courts Sleepathon Competition.

The competition which was launched in conjunction with the company’s recently concluded Bedding Promotion, was held on Wednesday October 5th at Courts on the Chaussee. Nine persons were selected to participate in the competition which begun at 9 am and continued until 5pm.

The Reduit resident, walked away with $1500 in Cash when he was announced as the winner of the competition, after the tie-breaker segment with another participant.

This competition was a very easy and comfortable way to win cash and Courts officials are very proud to have launched this in store activity.

The Courts representatives revealed that several activities/ distractions were arranged in an effort to amuse, throw off and confuse the participants to allow for the elimination process to take place.

Mc Gowan and (Include name of woman), slept from 9:30 am to 5 pm which eventually led to a tie breaker segment where relevant Courts questions were asked. Courts OECS Public Relations Officer, Britney Jongue had the following to say about the competition.

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“The Courts Sleep-A-Thon competition is a very popular competition that we as a company decided to reintroduce this year, as part of our Bedding promotion in September.

We are happy to have had the nine participants this year commit to sleeping from 9:30 am t0 5 pm. Courts of course provided the necessary sleeping apparel to the participants and gave them the opportunity to select the bed that they would like to sleep on.

We launched this competition for a number of reasons, first to give our valued customers the opportunity to win some cash and to also establish ourselves at the number option for affordable and comfortable bedding items in St Lucia.”

Courts has proudly launched their 1st of three Christmas promotions this year, dubbed “The Season is Near, Let’s Go”. The Christmas promotion which is characterized by amazing deals and offers such as “Nothing Down and Nothing to Pay until January 2017” will run for the month of October.


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