UPDATE: Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary School produces top-performing Common Entrance students

UPDATE: Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary School produces top-performing Common Entrance students

The Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary in Union, Gros Islet has produced the top male and female performers in this year’s Common Entrance Examination.

Nysa A. Pierre was the top performer overall and top female with a score of 98 percent.  Her schoolmate Matilda Angeloni came in second with 96.67 percent.

Ian V. Shivnauth, also of Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary, was the top male performer with 96 percent. He tied in sixth place overall with Cordelia A. Henry of Dugard Combined.

Eleven of the top performers came from eight primary schools

“These group of candidates consists of eight females and three males  with scores ranging from 95.33 percent to 98 percent,” according to a statement from the Ministry of Education.

Below are the results of the top performers:

1. Nysa A. Pierre, Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary, 98.00% (assigned to St. Joseph’s Convent)

2. Matilda Angeloni, Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary, 96.67% (assigned to St. Joseph’s Convent)

3. Pavana I. Dalsou, Tapion Private, 96.33% (assigned to St. Joseph’s Convent)

3. Raeyne C. Fontenelle, Bonne Terre Preparatory, 96.33% (assigned to St. Joseph’s Convent)

3. Neysa J. Francis, Ave Maria Girls’ Primary, 96.33% (assigned to St. Joseph’s Convent)

6. Cordelia A. Henry, Dugard Combined, 96.00% (assigned to Vieux Fort Comprehensive(A)

6. Ian V. Shivnauth, Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary, 96.00% (assigned to St. Mary’s College)

8. Kherim J. Nelson, Reunion Primary, 95.67% (assigned to Choiseul Secondary)

8. Donna C. Vitalis, Plain View Combined, 95.67% (assigned to Vieux Fort Comprehensive)

10. Merkisha N. Desir, Ciceron Combined, 95.33% (assigned to St. Joseph’s Convent)

10. Denzel R. Gustave, Bexon Combined, 95.33% (assigned to Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary)


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  1. Congratulations to all the top performers!!! Way to go top performers of the Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary School. Great job students and off course the teachers. Keep up the good work.

    Dame Pearlette Louisy -YET STILL WE RISE NEVER TO GIVE UP


  2. Great job to the teachers and parents of the top performers. Dame, you continue to excell. keep up the good work.


  3. Congratulations to all the children who performed well at this year's Common Entrance exams. The sky is your limit!!! Fly high and continue to stay focused and work hard. God's richest blessings!!!


  4. Congrats all who succeeded.
    Remember this is only the beginning, hard work yet to come. Continue the good work.


  5. Thanks for being the first to feature the top ten students. I note the media houses tonight only focused on the Dame Pearlette Louisy School. My daughter attends Tapion school and she placed third. Go Tapion Go!!!!


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