Dallas police seek motive in killing of Botham Jean’s neighbor who testified at Amber Guyger trial

Dallas police seek motive in killing of Botham Jean’s neighbor who testified at Amber Guyger trial
Joshua Brown
Joshua Brown

(AP) — Police in Texas are seeking a motive in the slaying of a witness who testified in the murder trial of a white Dallas police officer who fatally shot her black neighbor.

An attorney for 28-year-old Joshua Brown says he was shot to death Friday night. Lee Merritt says he spoke with Brown’s mother and she’s “devastated.”

He says in a statement: “We need answers.”

Dallas police confirmed a fatal shooting Friday night, but have not said who was killed. The Dallas Morning News first reported that the person was Brown.

Brown lived in the same apartment complex as former Officer Amber Guyger.

She was convicted of murder this past week in the death of neighbor Botham Jean.

Guyger has said she mistook Jean’s apartment for her own and that she thought he was a burglar.


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  1. Motive: The Dallas PD wanted to punish him for testifying against an officer, and keep him from testifying in a civil case. Simple.


  2. Cowards begging for hugs and forgiveness the Jung man who got killed Brandt didn't even hug him he want and forgive his brothers killer


    • world watching or not, sorry to tell you it dont mean jack when they see those ignorant actions from the guy's very own family. it look like both these guys were thinking not with their head brains but with their little heads. they have set civil rights back to 100 years in the US. The mere fact that they failed to stand firm after such a heinous act against their own, showed white cops they can continue to do what they like. and they did precisely that. his mouth was a target in the shooting.. why do u think so? they just showed you people what they capable of..you see, i dont care what they say about mugabe, fidel castro, chavez and others. i know they tried to beat them at their own game! and paid the price, unlike the cowards running to hug for forgiveness.


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