Dallas police officer charged in fatal shooting of unarmed Saint Lucian neighbor

Dallas police officer charged in fatal shooting of unarmed Saint Lucian neighbor
Amber Guyger and Botham Shem Jean
Amber Guyger and Botham Shem Jean

(CNN) — A Dallas police officer who fatally shot a man in his apartment after mistaking it for her own was arrested Sunday on a manslaughter charge, the Texas Rangers said.

Amber Guyger, who is white, was off-duty when she shot Botham Shem Jean, a black man, police said Thursday. The 26-year-old native of St. Lucia was unarmed. He died at a hospital.

Guyger was released from the Kaufman County Jail on Sunday evening after posting a $300,000 bond.

Officer entered the wrong apartment

The fatal shooting happened Thursday night at the South Side Flats in Dallas, where both Jean and Guyger lived.

“A female Dallas police officer returned to what she believed to be her apartment after her shift ended — she was still in uniform when she encountered Mr. Jean inside the apartment,” Dallas Police Chief Ulysha Renee Hall said Thursday.

The police chief said it’s unclear what “the interaction was between her and the victim. Then at some point she fired her weapon striking the victim.”

The officer called 911 and officers “responded in about four minutes,” Hall said.

Guyger also involved in a 2017 shooting

Guyger, 30, is a four-year veteran of the department, assigned to the Southeast Patrol Division. It wasn’t immediately clear if she had an attorney.

Guyger was involved in another shooting incident in May 2017, Dallas police said.

In that case, Guyger was attempting to identify a woman in a car when another passenger in the vehicle got out and took her taser. Guyger shot and injured the suspect, according to the department’s statement. The suspect was later charged with taking a weapon from an officer, possession of meth and marijuana, and a parole violation.

State law enforcement leading the investigation

The investigation into the recent shooting has been handed over to the Texas Rangers, the state law enforcement agency, to “eliminate the appearance of any potential bias,” the police department said in a statement Saturday.

“At the very early stages of this investigation — initial indications were that they were what we consider circumstances of an officer-involved shooting,” Hall said. “However, as we continued this investigation it became clear that we were dealing with what appears to be a much different and very unique situation.”

Hall said investigators obtained a blood sample from Guyger to test for drugs and alcohol.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings thanked the Texas Rangers and praised Hall, who asked the state agency to take over the investigation.

“Please continue to pray for the family of Botham Jean tonight and in the weeks and months ahead,” Rawlings said in a statement.

Jean remembered as a loving son and brother

Guyger’s arrest was announced as Jean’s family and their attorneys say they met with Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson to demand the officer be taken into custody.

“We don’t need evidence beyond a reasonable doubt at this point,” Jean family attorney S. Lee Merritt told reporters Sunday. “At this point, we need probable cause of a crime. And the existence of probable cause is painstakingly clear to everyone.”

Merritt said attorneys presented prosecutors with a witness, and video evidence, which didn’t capture the shooting, but declined to elaborate. Jean and Guyger did not have any known relationship prior to the shooting, Merritt said.

“We’re still dealing in America with black people being killed in some of the most arbitrary ways, driving while black, walking while black and now we have to add living while black,” co-counsel Benjamin Crump said.

Jean worked as a risk assurance experienced associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Dallas, according to his LinkedIn page.

He earned a bachelor’s degree from Harding University in Arkansas in 2016. Crump said Jean was “living, doing everything that you want a young person to do.”

“He had no criminal history. He was an amazing student. He was an amazing citizen. He loved God,” Crump said.

Friends and family gathered at a vigil at Jean’s church, the Dallas West Church of Christ on Saturday, CNN affiliate CBS 11 reported. He was remembered by classmates, coworkers and family members as a loving son and brother, a hard worker and a powerful singer who enjoyed helping others.

“Botham loved mankind,” Jean’s mother, Allison Jean said to those gathered. “Botham never saw color, never saw race. Botham wanted all of us to unite.”

Funeral services for Jean are scheduled for 11 a.m. Thursday at the Dallas West Church of Christ.


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  1. There is to much cover up here. She was given 3 days to cover up her crime. She is lying the news went to that apartment and there is no way you can get in. And the door locks automatically behind you so you don't need to lock and no other key can work. She killed him in cold nlood and need the max. RIP praying for the Jean family?


  2. Money can't bring him back but I hope the family files a million dollar law suit against the Dallas Police Department.
    Such a sad situation, my prayers are with the family.


    • Why sue the police. She was off duty. There is more to this than entering the wrong apartment. Was there something between the two (as some people heard "open up" before the shooting ). Hope they do an honest investigation. RIP.


      • Because the Police assisted in trying to cover this up until their Chief turned this case over to the Texas Rangers. If you look at the video from the neighbor of the aftermath. You will notice that is CLEARLY Officer Guyger giving Mr. Jean Chest Compressions when they rolled him out of the Apartment.

        !. She should not be involved in no aspect of what is going on after officers arrive on the scene.

        2. Even allowing her to do anything was to get blood on her hands because IF SHE legitimately discovered she shot an innocent man by accident. SHE HAD A DUTY TO RENDER AID and did not execute this duty. And we have video evidence she failed at this.

        The foregoing said, EVERYONE who partook in allowing that should all be brought up on charges of HINDERING an Official Investigation. Along with Conspiracy to Cover Up Official Misconduct of a Fellow Officer.


  3. How is this possible. How was she able to get into the wrong apartment? Is there one key for all locks in this complex. There is more to this story that hasn't been told. May he rest in peace. May she be judged to the max by Heaven and earth.


  4. She should be held without bound and also given a psychiatric evaluation...im betting those supremacist came up with her bond money.


    • Had it been a black man who had committed the crime, bail would be set at $1mil to ascertain that the black man could not afford it.

      Our only hope is for the whole of St.Lucia to pray for Allison's family to allow God's will and judgement to prevail in this case.


    • Had it been a black man who committed that crime, bail would be set at $1 mil to ensure that he couldn't post that bail.
      The whole of Saint Lucia should pray for Allison's family to ease their pain.
      We pray also for God's will and judgement in this


  5. It's sad .
    My heart go out to his family .
    I have to young sons around his age . She was to tired to know her apartment she wasn't tired to handle the gun to kill him. The way she moves in that holway she don't look tired to me .
    I can't understand how this can happen . It doesn't added up.
    How long have she lived thrre.
    Did she move there just to murder him .
    My heart aches.


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