Dallas officer Amber Guyger has ‘vacated’ apartment at complex where she killed Botham Jean, management says

Dallas officer Amber Guyger has ‘vacated’ apartment at complex where she killed Botham Jean, management says
Amber Guyger moves out of apartment 1378 without a search warrant being executed.

(DALLAS NEWS) — Dallas Officer Amber Guyger has moved out of the Cedars apartment complex where she fatally shot 26-year-old Botham Jean on Sept. 6, a manager told residents in an email Sunday.

WFAA-TV (Channel 8) obtained a copy of the email, which states that management at the South Side Flats complex cannot comment on the shooting while an investigation is ongoing.

“However, we are able to confirm that the other resident involved has vacated her apartment and no longer resides at our community,” the email reads.

When a South Side Flats employee was reached by phone Sunday, she referred questions about the shooting to the Dallas Police Department. An apartment manager did not immediately respond to emailed questions asking when Guyger moved out and whether she left voluntarily.

Gugyer, a 30-year-old Dallas officer, has told authorities that she thought she was in her own apartment when she shot Jean, who she thought was burglarizing her apartment. It’s unclear how Guyger got into the apartment, and the accounts differ between the Dallas Police Department and Texas Rangers records.

In an arrest-warrant affidavit, written by the Texas Rangers, police said Guyger had entered her key with an electronic chip into the keyhole of Jean’s apartment door. The affidavit says the door was slightly ajar, so the force of putting her key inside pushed open the door.

The Rangers’ account says Jean was across the room from Guyger during the encounter. The Dallas officer told authorities she saw a “large silhouette” and gave verbal commands that were ignored before she fired her weapon twice, striking Jean in the torso.

An affidavit for a search warrant obtained by Dallas police said the confrontation between Guyger and Jean happened at the door.

One law enforcement official has said that evidence so far doesn’t determine whether Jean’s door was unlocked.

Jean’s family and attorneys don’t trust Guyger’s version of events from that night. Attorney Lee Merritt has said witnesses told the attorneys they heard knocking and a woman saying “Let me in,” before they heard gunshots.

Jean died at Baylor University Medical Center shortly after the shooting. The St. Lucia native and Harding University graduate was remembered at his funeral Thursday as “a man of great joy,” and one who “encompassed the best of humanity.”

Guyger, who was hired by the Dallas Police Department in 2013, remains on administrative leave.


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  1. Botham’s uncle Iggy invoked the bolom spirit when he mentioned that Amber, that wretched witch, had killed the Jeans’ ti-bolom. Now Amber has bad karma and she had to move out of her South Side Flats apartment because the bolom has began to beat her. She will run but she cannot hide from the bolom that has begun to haunt her. She will die a tragic death or die from a self-inflicted gunshot wound because the bolom is a self-tormenting and relentless spirit. The writing is on the wall…..tanto tanto. See you in hell Amber. See you in hell.


  2. #QPosts. Help help, racism racism, oh no the white person is the problem help help, no more white people. I tell you black folks think of any old stupid narrative and run with it and the media cheers them on.


  3. Why would he be hanging out in the dark in his own apartment? Bet she turned lights off AFTER she shot him. Bet the cops didn't check for fingerprints on the "off" side of the switches.


  4. Forgive me if I sound stupid , but if the door was ajar, would you need a key to open it? "The door was slightly ajar, so the force of her putting her key inside pushed open the door".


  5. So they let the murderer move out without her apartment ever being searched. Idiots. What they do not realize is that this is compelling evidence for corruption.

    The murderer can run and hide but God's eyes are upon her - the same God to whom many Christians around the world are praying to for #JusticeForBotham.


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