Dallas County Judge, police say Joshua Brown was shot multiple times, not in head and mouth

Dallas County Judge, police say Joshua Brown was shot multiple times, not in head and mouth
Joshua Brown testifying during Amber Guyger murder trial.
Joshua Brown testifying during Amber Guyger murder trial.

(CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas police and Judge Clay Jenkins have responded to reports of where Joshua Brown, a prosecution witness in the Amber Guyger murder trial, was shot on Friday.

Police confirmed Brown was the victim killed in a shooting in the parking lot of the Atera Apartments Friday evening. He was found lying in the parking lot with gunshot wounds. He was taken to the hospital where he later died.

Brown’s identity was not officially released until Sunday but was confirmed by the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office on Saturday.

Since it was discovered that Brown was the victim, there has been wide speculation about the reason for his death. He took the stand nearly two weeks ago in the murder trial of Amber Guyger, where he told the courtroom he met Botham Jean for the first time on the day of his death. He also said he heard two people talking on the evening of Sept. 6, 2018 but couldn’t understand what was being said. He said he then heard two gunshots.

Guyger was found guilty of murder in the shooting death of Jean. She was given a 10-year prison sentence.

There were disputes Saturday about where the gunshot wounds were on Brown’s body. Civil attorney Lee Merritt, who’s also the Jean family’s attorney, tweeted that Brown was shot in the mouth and chest as he was leaving his car. He later said he also heard Brown had been shot in back.

In a news release Sunday, police said Brown was found with multiple gunshot wounds to his lower body. Judge Clay Jenkins also tweeted that Brown was not shot in the mouth or head.

“Dallas County, the City of Dallas and others will work to ensure a transparent and thorough investigation of the murder of Joshua Brown. Mr. Brown was not shot in the mouth or head but was shot more than one time. Many career professionals are hard at work on this case,” Jenkins said.

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson also responded to the speculation about Brown’s death.

“I trust the Dallas Police Department will conduct a thorough investigation into the death of Joshua Brown. Until we know more about this incident, I encourage everyone to refrain from speculation. If you have information about this case, please share it with our police investigators so they can ensure that justice is done. Dallas will never be a city that tolerates acts of violence such as this,” Johnson said on Twitter.

No arrests have been made as police continue to investigate. Witnesses told police they heard gunshots and saw a silver four-door sedan speeding out of the parking lot.


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  1. I hope the Botham family reaches out to Joshua Brown's family and be as nice to them as they were to Amber Guyger. The young man put his life at risk so there could be justice for Botham Jean and now he's dead. This case has turned out to be such a disgrace and made black people look stoopid. And now black americans will have to suffer because of the Botham's confused forgiveness nonsense.
    Does anyone expect the Dallas police to investigate this fairly? Don't fool yourselves.


    • It is speculation that Joshua Browne’s testimony at Botham Jean trial signed his death warrant. The Jean family have been through an ordeal and do not need this guilt trip. They are not the antidote for the racist sickness in America. Their task was to find justice for their beloved son, brother and friend. The have achieved it. Dallas Blacks still have their fight to make their lives matter among themselves and the legal system.


      • I read what you wrote and the latter part is what I am having trouble with why would you say Dallas blacks when Botham Jean was assassinated in his home we came together as a people why are you drawing distinction now i am so disappointed in your statement.you have just succeeded in playing into the handbook of those who wants to keep us separated.this was not just about Botham Jean and his family it was about black lives matter


        • There has been brotherhood and sisterhood among Dallas Blacks to ensure justice for Botham Jean. My response had not expressed gratitude but the truth not sugar coated is unpalatable in a relentless fight for justice. “Dallas Blacks still have their fight to make their lives matter amongst themselves and the legal system” is blunt and cold but does not mean indifference or abandonment.

          In the four corners of the globe, Blacks are caught in fights to make their lives matters become reality in All Lives Matters especially in western urban areas where the high toll of young Blacks killing each other in gun and knife crimes are not given serious concern by the authorities. Addressing this unacceptable situation will take political will, underpinned by economic and social solution. The pressure for change must come from those who feel it most -it is the Black community wherever.

          Black people must avoid succumbing to battle fatigued in their quest for justice. So let’s try not to fall on each other’s necks when views are expressed contrary to our own.


  2. America cannot protect their witnesses farless st. Lucia . I eh want to be anyone witness . Police = corruption . So snitches will get stitches or worst dead. There are so many people the X out who witnesses in our country. One comes to mind are the last to men in graveyard last year , last witnesses from impacts and nothing . So when you’ll come with your community policing , I will take my chances with my cutlass and street strap


  3. The family of Joshua Brown are idiots. To have that slave mentality to hug that murderer and to say they want to be her friend shows they have the slave mentality. That man was killed because he testified to help THEM get justice, now he's dead and that bitch is lodging an appeal to get out of prison! Bonhams family disgust me.


  4. People are saying they silenced him but what's the point after a verdict is passed? The silencing would've been more effective before or during the trial. Clearly that's not the case. More thorough investigations need to be done. Was he in trouble for anything else? Was it revenge? Because now he's wide open, the world now knows where he lives and his face. The faster people learn about the United States of America. The faster they'll want to run away from it. He could have been killed by a random person who just didn't like the outcome. So all vulnerable parties involved are at risk. The family should watch their backs too. These people believe in revenge . It may take years they'll still come for you. Trust no Shadow after dark.


  5. The police wipe him out who else do you think? If only he kept his mouth shut he would've of been alive today. The only white man I trust is a dead one Mugabe words and it is the gospel truth.



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