“Daddy” – poem in tribute to accident victim Rena Eugene

Written by Titoa Savery

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Dad, I know that my death has knocked the life out of you but my biggest fear is that you may go through a lifetime of pain, blaming yourself and never accepting that I am no longer there with you in the flesh to do all the things we use to.

We created so many greats memories and over the course of 18years, we set the bar at full 100 being the greatest father and daughter duo. Dad, it hurts my heart to see you in so much pain and I would give almost anything to wipe your tears and convince you that I am ok.

I know that none of this makes any sense and probably won’t for a very long time. I know that many are questioning the work of the Father, asking why couldn’t he have done better and saved my life or better yet took control of the vehicle when we lost it because he is supposed to protect us and be our eyes when ours have failed us.

Funeral service for Rena Eugene is Friday, July 20th – 3pm at the Vieux Fort Catholic Church

Even as I sit from my place in heaven watching you grieve for me, my heart shattered into a million pieces and tears blur my vision, I plead with the Lord to just allow me one more chance to hug you and reassure you that it will all be fine but he assured me that in time you will be fine.

Dad, he said to me “my child there are times life will happen and there isn’t much one can do about it but allow time to take its toll on us. And that we have to sometimes lose to win again depending on how we use our sorrows.”

Dad, even if I am not with you in the flesh, in your heart is where I will forever live so promise me that you will still do all of these wonderful things we talked about, promise me that you will continue to keep my memory alive every day and on the days you miss me most turn on the music and dance to our favorite songs because I will be here there dancing with you.

18 years of memory is what God had written to give to you, 18 years of memory that will guide you throughout the different phases of your life, 18 years of laughter, guidance and unconditional love. Now it’s time for you to keep going dad and make these 18 years count.

I have earned my angel wings because God saw that you needed a guardian and thought “there can be no better one appointed but me” so I am asking you please to grieve me for as long as you feel the need but just don’t give up on life or feel the need to carry around any burdens for my death for with life, that ugly monster will someday show it’s ugly head.

There is a lesson to be learned through death daddy and it is that “we should love as hard as we feel the need to and always live our best life” and that I sure did with you.

I love you daddy and I know that you loved me too and this is the greatest gift any child could ever receive. I am not saying goodbye but rather see you later until that day we are reunited and our hearts will be whole again.

Your loving daughter Rena

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  1. Heard she was sitting on the window,

  2. Lucians don’t like to read .The father did not write the poem a young lady did on his daughter’s behalf.Stop judging bcause i’m sure you don’t always wear seatbelts and who feels it knows it.If was one of your family member you would not like anyone to write these comments.So if you all don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything.gosh

  3. The passing of a loved one, untimely or otherwise is always a difficult experience to grasp and endure, and so I extend my deepest condolences to the family and friends of the deceased, and hope they rely on the Lord for strength to cope through this very trying time. Notwithstanding, from time immemorial, there has been mass confusion concerning the state of our dead loved ones, and the trend of thought expressed on this thread, is no exception. It is ofcourse quite natural that as human beings we will endeavour to find consolation and comfort, subsequent to the passing of a loved one, and as such the prevailing view is that the dead immediately ascend to heaven at death, and magically transform into angels who then occupy their time there, looking down over us.

    As wonderful and as this sentiment may be, it is merely fanciful, at best. The reality is that it is erroneous and misleading. We only need to look to the bible to find evidence of what happens at death. No-one who dies, goes to heaven(or hell) for that matter, but instead are asleep in their graves, awaiting one of two resurrections. The first resurrection is that of the righteous and takes place at the second advent of Jesus Christ. The second one is that of the unrighteous, and occurs after the millenial thousand year judgement of the ungodly. As sad and sorrowful as death is, we have not been left ignorant as to the state of the dead, and we can have that hope that we will one day be re-united with our loved ones, if only we live according to the precepts and requirements of the Lord. It therefore behooves everyone of us, why life still lasts, to strive to be numbered amongst the saints of God, in that glorious and blessed first resurrection. I am cognizant of the fact that to the majority, the aforesaid may very well be unheard of or may be construed as heresy, however if we label ourselves Christians, we ought to allow the words of Jesus Christ, to guide our every belief, inclusive of this most controversial subject. Biblical references: Ecclesiates chapter 9, verses 5 and 6, John chapter 5, verses 28 and 29, 1Thessalonians chapter 4 verses 16 to 18, Revelation chapter 20, verses 4 to 15.

    • I think with all due respect that you should just stop at conveying your deepest condolences. We all know the obvious but it still gives us hope as mere humans that we will see our loved ones again someday.Thats what gives us strength to carry on in this unfair world.

  4. Lovely, spiritual, heart warming, inspirational, and deep poem. Peace and the lord be with you brother.

  5. Nice poem. However, he should be advocating to all drivers to have their passengers ‘buckled up’.

  6. Sleep in peace baby girl

  7. so precious to him he didnt make her wear a seatbelt…..

  8. This made me cry. Be strong prayer to the family😢😢😢

  9. Brought tears to my eyes

  10. Lovely poem! But that being said, how it is it’s written by the daughter; it would have made better sense in reverse ( by the father ‘father to daughter ‘), just saying. RIP

  11. RIP… Sad… A Beautiful Poem for A Beautiful Angel… Prayers of Comfort to the Dad n Family n Friends… May U, Dad and All find Hope in The Almighty God… God is Amazing… God Bless Us All…!!!

  12. Crying

  13. R.i.p my Rena ❤

  14. Omg my heart get so heavy reading this poem..I’m crying out cz I know my son is watching me too..an even the day i saw that video dad crying for his daughter it broke my heart so badly..Dad as y daughter said take all the time u feel like grieving..cry ..laught do whatever u want..but always remember God giveth and also taketh..Be strong man keep asking God for comfort an strength..RIP to y beautiful..God bless man

  15. Sad…Very close daughter father team ..RIP Angel…

  16. R.I.P baby…We will be there for daddy…

  17. this is so touching. I do not know her but reading this filled my heart with sorrow. Sleep in peace angel and keep watching over your dad who is crushed by your death.

  18. Sad but very touching, RIP angel…

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