Dad hopes son’s penis will grow back – Fearful for six-year-old’s future

Dad hopes son’s penis will grow back – Fearful for six-year-old’s future

(JAMAICA STAR) —  Although it has been two months since his six-year-old son’s penis was severed, a frustrated father told THE STAR that he is still devastated by the incident and is concerned about the quality of life his son will have.

The young boy was stabbed several times and his penis amputated allegedly by a 16-year-old boy in their community in August.

“Sometimes him a pee pee and it a spray up inna the air. Him can’t control it and it can’t drop dung because him don’t have anything long dung fi him fi pee pee out of. It is a disaster. All yesterday when mi see him a try pee pee, mi bex. Sometimes people see me and a seh mi a screw and bex up but a true dem nuh know weh mi a go through,” the angry father said.

He said there are times when his son jokes about the situation, but is sure that is because he does not understand the severity of the injury.


“The doctors dem seh it a go grow back but mi don’t know if it a go grow back, enuh. All mi know it has been a rough couple of weeks. I think he is going to lose his manhood because of this and mi stress out, because now him can’t go sex nobody or have children and mi nuh like that,” he said.

Dr Belinda Morrison, urologist, told THE STAR that a penis that is severed cannot grow back. She added that those cells cannot regenerate.

“He needs to see a urologist so that they can assess the extent of his injuries and then a decision as to what his prognosis is would be made. If it is a partial amputation, they’ll be able to urinate and copulate properly. If it is that it was completely amputated, a decision would have to be taken as for him to get a transplant,” she said.

In the meantime, the 50-year-old father says that his son’s attacker needs to get the harshest punishment for destroying his son’s life.

“Sometimes mi see him wid him hand a him jaw and mi ask him if him a worry and him seh ‘No’, but mi nuh think him know what is worry still. That bwoy need fi get some serious punishment enuh because him mash up my son’s life,” he said.


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