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CYPAN: Call to action against rising cases of gender-based violence


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Cathy Wisil, 34, consulting at the family support centre in Port Moresby following inter-partner violence

Cathy Wisil, 34, consulting at the family support centre in Port Moresby following inter-partner violence

PRESS RELEASE – On the advent of yet another homicide which brings alarm to the an unprecedented number of homicides for the year so far to 20, the Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network who advocates for Peace and countering violent extremism, is perturbed by the rising cases of Gender Based Violence.

CYPAN, a youth-led initiative sanctioned through the commonwealth secretariat, strongly believes no one has to live in fear of this kind of behaviour, especially in a home where society demonstrates family values where relationships are to be peaceful, healthy and respectful.

CYPAN vehemently opposes any form of gender base violence, abuse, harassment and exploitation; we call on all stakeholders to provide such mechanism which hinders such acts.

CYPAN adds its voice by making several calls on the various stakeholders.

We call upon the government:

* To sustain its efforts in taking action against perpetrators of gender based violence. Reaffirm a gender violations unit within the national security ministry and an emergency helpline where citizens can confidently report acts of gender based violence and seek support.
* Hold to account security agencies/or persons who fail to deliver on their roles
* Build knowledge and awareness of better treatment and handling of gender equality in the education curriculum from elementary to higher level.
* Sensitize citizens on their expected roles and responsibilities of ensuring their own safety and security as well as their neighbours and the existing country’s mechanisms for protecting them

We call upon our leaders:

* The Governor General, Prime Minister, the opposition, Parliamentarians, the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Assembly President, Members of Parliament, the Senators, Permanent Secretaries and other leaders to be united in saying an absolute no to violence especially Gender based violence.
* To resist from justifying the acts of violence in any way
* We call upon the police force:
* To fully maintain law and order
* To sensitively deal with survivors of violence and lodge all cases of violence reported by survivors.
* To give due priority to cases of gender based violence and deal with alleged perpetrators appropriately.

We call upon the judiciary:

* To ensure that justice is served, and served fast
* We call upon Faith based Organizations:
* To institute programmes of action to shift gender insensitive ideologies and practices among their followers
* We call upon men
* To be champions for the cause of women’s rights.
* To say no to violence against their mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives in their homes, villages, communities and society at large, by speaking out against it, and stepping in to help

We call upon women

* To say no to violence against them by reporting such cases
* To break the silence and speak out against violence
* To seek out for help in cases of violence
* To protect themselves by changing their mindset, attitude and practices
* To walk away from any sight of abuse

We call upon Citizens

* To continue to publicly condemn such acts of violence
* To report cases of violence as survivors or as witnesses and demand justice
* To continue to campaign for the government to enforce law and order and punish the guilty
* To identify constructive avenues and communicate/engage with each other rather than reverting to violence.
* To raise generations with a sense of love and respect for others

CYPAN also believes that more education should be done in schools and youth settings to raise awareness especially to our young men and boys on gender equality and encouraging healthy and respectful view on girls and young women.

Let us all build positive social change which will in the end aggressively tackle and ultimately reduce and possibly end gender based violence in our Country.

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  1. well another very sexist piece. you call upon women to report domestic violence and you call upon men to denounce it. so you are essentially saying men are perpetrator and women alone are victims. HOGWASH

  2. Every other day I hear my neighbour and his wife fighting, anyday now I expecting to see these people on SNO cause one will kill the other.

    I don't know what to do, call the police? I go feel so guilty if anything ever happen in that house.

  3. this gender based is more prone to women but when i see a woman abusing a man like the last murder that happend in goodlands i dont see anything or hear anything much about it

  4. Though many men may be subjected to abuse by their women it often goes unreported because men are afraid to complain because of their egos.

  5. So where is the call for domestic violence against men committed by women?

    I call on St.Lucia, the region and the world to place MORE EMPHASIS on issues facing men.
    This is to slanted in women's favor. Yes more women might be victims of domestic abuse, and the world has taken a reactionary stance to dealing with the problem.
    If we firmly believe that men are the perpetrators, then let us aim to prevent instead of fixing. Let us aim to place more focus on our boys and men.
    Are we actively addressing why boys seem to lag behind in girls at school?
    Are we actively raising awareness of the ailments which affect or men, yet we tout them as the bread winners, head of the household and protectors of women.
    I am in no way going to diminish the effect domestic violence has on women BUT it is about time that we place more focus on the gender we think is the cause of all of this.
    More murders, crime and suicide is committed by men, but yet the world continues to champion more for women.
    We are doing the same women an injustice when we adopt that stance.
    We are literally just assisting women by telling how to react AFTER it is done to them or what to do to avoid it.

    A woman.

  6. In other words, many more reported cases of men beating up (their) women. Why can't you be like Joey & tell it like it is!!


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