CYEN St. Lucia hosts coastal cleanup

CYEN St. Lucia hosts coastal cleanup

The Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN) – St. Lucia Chapter, on 21st September 2014 held a coastal cleanup at Bananes Bay.

This was in recognition of the observance of International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) which was held on 20th September 2014. CYEN collaborated with Positive Youth Uprising in the South for a cleanup at Bois Shador Beach on the 20th September 2014.

CYEN accompanied by members of the Lions Club of Saint Lucia collected over sixty bags of garbage in the area, majority of which were Styrofoam food containers, plastic bottles and plastic bags. A few odd finds were noted among the debris; this included baby prams and baby bath tub, and propane tank. The fishermen in the area assisted in gathering the garbage from the water, and pointed out that the main source of the garbage was the Castries River which empties their contents into the bay.

ICC is an annual event which sees the largest number of volunteers working towards protecting and conserving coastal and marine environment around the world, and has been observed for 28 years. Given that the coastal environment provides protection, provision, and a livelihood for many persons CYEN urges Saint Lucians to play an active part in reducing the waste that goes to the seas.

Litter threatens the health and safety of our coastal and marine environment, which in turn affects the land and the people. We depend on the sea to provide food, we also use it as a tourist attraction, and hence we need to keep it clean.




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  1. Good job, every beach in StLucia needs to be cleaned up. People have beach parties and leave all their trash where they occupied.


  2. Great Job CYEN St. Lucia. Lucian please keep our country clean and beautiful. Stop littering this clean up was tough.


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