Cycling’s Elvis is in the building

Cycling’s Elvis is in the building

Veteran cyclist Elvis Joseph emerged victorious in the National Cycling Association’s 80-kilometre road race.

Joseph came from behind to outsprint Winston Stoney Williams for victory.

The course ran from the Castries Waterfront up to the Union / Mega J Roundabout and back, covering that circuit nine times.

The race started and quickly settled down in a select bunch consisting of 15 riders leading, which included 2015 National Champion Fidel Esnard, Winston Williams, Eustace Dookie, Gillan Moses, Juniors Andrew Norbert, Dave Charlery, Calixte Williams, Terriano Felicien and Juveniles Kluivert Mitchel and Jesse Mentor.

A puncture set Esnard back at 20km. But he worked his way back to the pack in a big gear, thoguh it cost him a lot of energy. 2015 Independence Cycling Criterium winner Kenneth Mathurin took off and was quickly joined by Junior Andrew Norbert of Mon Repos in a break which lasted about 25km. During that break Norbert suffered a puncture, got a quick change, and was able to rejoin the head of the race.

However, the main bunch had disposed of some riders, including Felicien, Williams, Mentor and Masters rider Raymond Volney. Charlery, Mitchel and fellow Juvenile, Valence Aurelien, were still hanging in as they began to close the gap to the leaders, eventually catching up with about 16km to go. Winston Williams tried to ride away, so did Gillan Moses and Esnard, but these attacks were quickly shut down.

A lead bunch of 10 began the last 10km – Dookie, Joseph, Valence Aurelien, Esnard, Moses, Kenneth Mathurin, Norbert, Charlery and 15-year-old Mitchel.

With 8km to go, Dookie was out, suffering with cramps. With 3km to go, Charlery and Mitchel were unable to hang on. 2km left, Aurelien, Williams, Esnard, Moses and Joseph upped the speed, opening a 500m gap along the airport strip. Norbert and Mathurin clawed their way back to the leaders near the Vigie Sports Complex, and with 500m to go, the sprint was well and truly on.

With 50m remaining, it looked like Williams was on his way to victory, but Joseph had other ideas, as he powered his way by to snatch victory. Esnard finished third and Moses fourth after getting his shoe unclipped in the sprint, whilst Aurelien captured a strong fifth place.

Norbert was the first junior finisher, ahead of Dave Charlery and Calixte Williams. Mitchel topped the Juveniles, leading Jesse Mentor and Janick Paul.


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  1. These guys don't go any further with their career.There's not enough being done to push our cyclist on thee international seen like to the tour deux France world cyclist competition.Which has been won by an Australian for the third or fourth time per say.


    • It;s the tour de france first of all. secondly, which Australian do you know of that has won the tour de france? Cadel Evans won in 2011 and apart from that? try sticking to what you know and maybe try to suggest ways in which the sport could be developed in saint lucia instead .


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