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CXC to consider petition for resit of CSEC Maths ex­ams

By Jamaica Observer

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(JAMAICA OBSERVER) — The Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) is to consider a petition call­ing for all stu­dents to re-sit the 2019 CSEC Maths ex­ams fol­low­ing se­ri­ous breach­es of the ex­am­i­na­tion reg­u­la­tions, a representative from the Barbados-based institution has said.

“All of the queries regarding such were [reported] to the head of the department and it’s being worked on. The queries have not fallen on deaf ears so everyone will be notified of a decision in due course,” the representative told OBSERVER ONLINE a short while ago.

It is unclear who launched the petition that has so far gained 5,085 signatures — more than 60 per cent of the 7,500 signatures required.

Last week, CXC announced that it was investigating a breach in examination security in Trinidad and Tobago, where students were said to have used mobile phones and textbooks during the exam.

“It would be unfair if these students are allowed a free pass, and equally unfair if only selected schools/students are allowed to resit a supplementary exam. The extent to which exams could have been scanned and shared, not only nationally, but regionally is unfathomable.

“Students could have been privy to the exam questions earlier than the start time and they could have sent these images on social media to their counterparts in other schools across the country and region. The invigilator also could have further compromised the situation by sharing the exam with other invigilators.

“Given the conditions and circumstances, it is only fair and just that all students in the entire region resit a supplementary mathematics exam which should be done before the end of the exam period, June 6th, 2019,” a summary of the petition read.

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  1. If they get disqualified the child who sat the test that did not cheat will also get disqualified b4 it was your child that did not cheat wldnt u want he/her to resit the exam

  2. Students in the island that was caught cheating should be the ones doingnover the examination I can speak for Anguilla the invidulators in the examination room in Anguilla search you before entering the from no nothing is allowed with but the materials you need to do the exam and a bottle of water they check glasses calculators etc and you were also check by security

  3. Please let us resit that exam..... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  4. If it was my son or daughter they would be banned or disqualified for God knows how long. So ALL students including those broke CXC rules will be re-writing the exam? Where is the punishment for these students. I believe the students from the country should be disqualified instead of putting the entire region through this ordeal. It is not ok to cheat and CXC had rules for that. If these students are allowed to rewrite the exam then those who have been banned before should be given that same opportunity. Smh. So what! You can't punish an entire country? I agree to ban these students and not allow the entire Region to suffer the consequences. So CXC enforce your own rules. If children from other countries can abide by the rules, why put them through all that stress again?

  5. Really CXC. You are actually considering this. The students from the schools which were found guilty should be penalized . had it been a small island like st.Lucia then they would have just disqualified the students but is the mighty Trinidad. I am not putting my child through this again.

    • Really so wat about the children that did not cheat they will get penalize for others doing that not fear

  6. i dont think everyone should do this exam over. have you any idea how hard and time consuming it is studying and practicing for these exams and waiting to finally have it over and done with and then for you to be told to resit this? i believe only those from the schools or islands that cheated should redo the exam. and for yall that cheating, really i mean look what yall cause yall so idiot yall put the thing on facebook you dont think people will find out.

    • Yes it true I am a student and it was hard to practice our school hard about what has transpired the day after the examination I do not think it is fair for all the student to do over the exam ,the schools who have cheat they should be the ones doing over the exam.

      • Bruh that ain't make any sense so why we cant get a chance to do it back over but the ones who cheat do If they getting a second chance why not us too and how there gone mark on a curve using 2 different test.thats not going to be fair point blank period .

      • I'm was agreeing with you up to your last two lines. In do not agree for anyone to resit the exam. The school or students who cheated should be banned. Case close. That is CXC rules. Rewriting the exam is no form of punishment for those students. Rules are rules. You break them then you suffer the consequences. Where is the justice for those schools and students who abided by CXC rules? Smh


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