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CWC and Columbus promise to protect consumer interest

By LIME (St. Lucia)

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PRESS RELEASE – Cable and Wireless Communications (CWC) and Columbus International today announced plans to launch a series of special “Customer Panels” in 14 markets throughout the region, beginning Monday, December 8, 2014.

Designed to spark a constructive discussion about the proposed merger, these panels will present customers of both companies with a direct and organized platform to voice their concerns, share their opinions and express their service expectations.

The panels will also provide the two companies with an opportunity to gain first-hand feedback to aid in the development of a new, consolidated strategy built around their customers’ appeals.

CWC and Columbus will also use the panels to give customers and stakeholders a greater understanding of how the merger will impact the Pan-Caribbean region.

These discussions will highlight the pro-competitive nature of this deal, as well as the far-reaching benefits it will have on the development of the region’s infrastructure and the furthering of its general information and communication technology (ICT) agenda.

John Reid, president of Columbus Communications indicated that, “our goal is to meet or exceed customer expectations and place their needs at the very heart of the combined company. These panels provide an excellent opportunity for our customers to understand the vision of the new Company and the benefits that they will enjoy as a result of this merger”.

While both companies have engaged in similar events in the past, these customer panels will provide CWC and Columbus with a chance to directly address this unique situation.

Given their ambition to become the region’s first 21st-century telecommunications provider, the panels will allow the organizations to make informed decisions, once approvals are given and when they are ready to consolidate their efforts to make the new Company the region’s leader in customer service.

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  1. FLIME u can say what you want but you wont change my mind.. Gone are the days of slavery stop around with our mental capacity..

  2. Ah, Ah Terry all the time Lime was boss now you are not at lime spectra is boss.Unbelievable.

    • Slow your roll. The gentleman asked what are his options for backup. I gave him the only option I know. Your comprehension skills can't really be that bad. Can they?

  3. F..k off cable and wireless. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  4. This merger is well formulated to suck more blood from clients, when u tell me that prior to the purchase of karib cable by Flow clients were enjoying about 110 channels in the basic pack and as Flow took over the basic pack channel was cut to 84.All of the enjoyable channels were placed into optional or extended basis line ups at ridiculous fees.

    • The reality is that Karib Cable was never allowed to give those channels to begin with. They were stealing these channels. Flow took over and as a bigger company they could no longer give people stolen channels. When people were getting the channels they were not complaining, when FLOW took over they were not complaining, now that LIME and Columbus talking they complaining!

  5. The moment FLOW + LIME join to make FLIME they sent out a letter saying if I wanted to know what my bill was I had to pay $6.18

    You mean that way?

  6. No's bad for business....and trust me cable and wireless have not changed ...they still provide u with mediocre internet at ridiculous prices and cable tv that even hd services they can provide..they jus gonna kick us in the ass ..

    • Lime's broadband sucks and expensive.
      The only island that enjoys all the benefits of Broadband is Barbados.

      I am thinking about Satellite internet for my home.

  7. How the hell cud they b seeking consumers interest when moment after they buy over my cable channels has aready been blocked it went from 115 or so too 83 and 2 make it worst after called them they said the extra channels was on a trial run which was never discus when they came and change my cable 2 digital PLUS the damb cable now freeze's every couple miniuts bwoy Cable & Worthless is the worst thing that could have happen 2 St.Lucia!!!

    • You're so right. Well, except for the fact that they haven't even begun the transaction yet. And therefore there has been no buying over to date. And those "extra" channels were always on a trial basis. But carry on blaming LIME.

    • Again, why only now you hearing about this? When FLOW made changes after taking over, you barely heard anything from people. Channels gone, prices gone up. Now you hear CAW talking to Columbus, everything is coming out. And what's worse, everything is now because of this merger business. Consumers should speak, but at the very least, they should speak honestly. How you lose your channels and is because of Cable and not your provider. Choopse.

  8. They better get it right i am not in that monopoly business.Its time for lime to improve the internet service up north.A technician had me to buy a new modem with no improvement.Another said the problem was not with the modern but a problem with the exchange by Volney gas station which the management knows about.Please lime do something about it speedily.

  9. Answer this. I plan to run a business online and wanted to have broadband from LIME & FLOW in case one service is unavailable ( like FLOW has been for most of the last 6 weeks in the south), . What I'm I to do now?


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