Cut the “red tape” or compromise new hospital opening, says King

Cut the “red tape” or compromise new hospital opening, says King


Former Chief Medical Officer Dr. Stephen King is urging government to put certain mechanisms in place to ensure a smooth transition to the island’s new national hospital – the Owen King EU Hospital.

Dr. King said government should “cut the red tape” and put systems in place to make rapid and effective decisions, otherwise this could compromise the opening.

“We need to understand that commissioning this hospital is one of the biggest tasks in many years, if not all the years in the health sector,” he stated.

The Independent Senator said government need to also seriously look at introducing health care reform before the opening of the hospital, in order to create one health care system.

“We cannot go into this hospital which is smaller and more expensive, yes it is of higher quality in terms of its physical infrastructure, but for that physical asset to be translated into health care, we need to be able to have personnel in place and we need to create an integration with the community,” he stated.

Dr. King believes that by doing so, it will help to reinforce community health services, such that people are protected from getting sick and into the hospital, and getting people quicker to the hospital.

He said establishing an integrated health information system is also priority. By introducing this, there will be an integrated set of protocols and care standards that everyone will abide by and apply.

“I think fundamentally, the commitment of us as health care workers, the passion to do our jobs and the commitment to do what is right is also necessary,” he added.

Health service and health financial reforms will also be needed and more will be required to support medical professionals to build moral and make them feel happy about being part of the process.

“We are looking forward to the government liquifying the system. It’s too frozen, bureaucratic, slow. We need to change that and get out of the box and start thinking in a more radical manner,” he ended.


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  1. While the new hospital is being named things are moving from bad to worse at Victoria hospital. Today at the dialysis unit four (4) machines broke down. After treatment I wondered what would become of me if the machines continue to break down at this rapid rate. The nurses incharge have decided to reduce patients' allocated time of four hours and compromise our lives. I do not think this is the way to go. Why waste dialyzers, lines, water, electricity and labour cost to slowly destroy patients. To me this is unacceptable. I think it is time the government monitor what is happening at Victoria hospital.
    I think it is right that I am given a fighting change.
    I think that the necessary personel should be hired to fix the machines. if they cannot be fixed they should be replaced.
    if nothing is not done soon I will give my name and the full story to the press. enough is enough. I am a human being not a dog


  2. Excellent contribution Dr King ............. As a dedicated professional doctor in the Health sector .


  3. If they can't maintain the old hospital then how will they be able to maintain the new one. Not only that i hope the staff especially doctors and nurses change their attitude inorder to serve people better. They need to do a refesher course in customer service.


  4. iS dR KING the only independent senator we have on island?? the other seem to just be getting paid to make public appearance on and off, but they dont represent the people's voice at all. I guess the rest arent that independent.or they too busy making their money like PEP was and is


    • Excellenet comment.

      But I would rather Mr King stay in his current role, he would be able to do alot more.

      Maybe he could consult the moran MPs we have on how a Health Ministry should actually be ran.

      Don't make the sasme mistake as Pep.


  5. They name the new hospital after Dr. Owen King and now his son, Dr. Stephen King, is vex about all the red tape associated with the opening of this new hospital.
    Will the new hospital affect the viability of Tapion Hospital?


    • You actually waste your time to type that comment. An I wasted my time reading it.

      If you haven't got anything construction to say go on Facebook.

      Tapion is a private hospital how on earth could the new hospital affect the viability of Tapion Hospital!!!


  6. Don't know if Dr. King is naive or he is playing along. He has been in the system a while now. He has been a senator a while now. The government's way of thinking and doing things will not be Dr. King's ways. These guys are playing politics with everything. Maybe they holding back the hospital just to have it open around elections. Manipulating things


  7. It's has been four years and this government never saw it necessary to send some of our bright young doctors on scholarship to specialize and qualify in time the opening of this new hospital.
    Presently these people are critically in demand. It would shameless to open this state of art building with the same quality of staff that exist at present.
    A functioning new hospital is more important to this country right now than a four lane access road to Gros Islet.


  8. Dr. King you are my type of guy.
    Why do we have this woman as Health Minister again?

    Also I have been saying this all along, we need out of the box thinking. We cannot continue to operate as business as usual. Simply being ok just would not cut it. Radical and revolutionary thinking is what is needed.
    Someone please tell me when will these people get it?
    When will people realise that building bridges, fixing roads, fixing schools is not anything really to shout about particularly as these things are basic things a government must provide.
    Where are the out of the box ideas? It is 2016 people building bridges and roads no longer impresses me.


    • These cosmetic changes are not the same as renovation. We do not have universal secondary education. Some children get schooling others are merely being housed till they reach legal age.


      • It is truly the same darn thing that happened under "Fairty Schools", the jabbering minister of mis-education. These schools are sheer holding pens or cages that unleash large numbers of ill-prepared young people for the world of work. There is no job market. There are no skill sets that have been passed on so that they can create their own jobs. Thus the SLP has them killing themselves and others. With no wealth foundation they are cannon fodder for the only kind of FDI that Kenny knows. That is a whole set of young people just fit to be hotel maids and roadside cleaners of roadside grass. Do you believe that is fair to our young people?


        • All they can do is boast the number of physical structures they have erected.
          You think they don't know that the current system is failing the students?
          You think they don't know what it does to the moral of students who continuously fail?
          Some of these students can't even write a proper sentence.
          It was only late 2015 yes 2015 Robert Lewis went to Barbados that is only approximately 40 mins away to get first hand experience on how their special needs programs and Technical Educational Vocational Training was working.
          And you telling me I am supposed to be impressed by the number of schools you have built.
          These same politicians are the very same ones who can afford to send their children to UWI or North America and Europe.

          What are we creating and fostering in St.Lucia, a nation of dependency?
          But in the 21 st century, people are still celebrating the building of a school or bridge or road. SMH. This is such a joke.


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