CUT president speaks on Dr. Poyotte’s resignation

CUT president speaks on Dr. Poyotte’s resignation
Julian Monrose
Julian Monrose
Julian Monrose

President of the Caribbean Union of Teachers (CUT) Julian Monrose has defended Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte, who recently resign as CUT general secretary following a recent meeting in St. Kitts.

Monrose told a media conference on Wednesday, December 16 that Dr. Poyotte chose to resign, feeling that her presence as general secretary was being used by a minority to create problems in the CUT.

The CUT president said when she was elected in 2013, four of the CUT member unions were not supportive of her. They also questioned the legitimacy of her position two years later in Dominica.

But despite the disagreements, Dr. Poyotte was re-elected general secretary/treasurer.

Monrose said the minority CUT members boycotted the recent CUT executive meeting, even though the matter was expected to be brought up for discussion at the recent meeting.

Some unions had said the CUT constitution was undermined because Dr. Poyotte had a full time job at Education International and was no longer in the teachings service, but continued to serve as CUT general secretary.

But Monrose, who is also the president for the St. Lucia Teachers’ Union explained that Dr. Adolph Cameron of Jamaica held the position of general secretary for 14 years, despite he had not taught for more than ten years.

He also dismissed the argument that Dr. Poyotte should not have continue to serve as CUT general secretary, while being a member of the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) at the same time.

“The fact is that being a member of the TSC is not a job; you don’t get a salary; it is a voluntary service so she is not appointed by TSC and it does not conflict with her role in CUT,” Monrose stated.

But the Antigua and Barbuda Union of Teachers said the CUT constitution states that any executive member of the organisation, upon appointment to any position or job in the government or anywhere outside of the teaching profession during the biennium shall resign forthwith.

The CUT has since moved to appoint Don Howell as the union’s new general secretary.


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  1. These same people/teachers who run to SNO or rather the public to share negativity only will never come forward to say that Mr. MONROSE was given a standing ovation for the manner in which he handled the meeting as it had never been handled this way before. Also the fact that the majority of the CUT membership can have the faith that they do in having a team of St. Lucian teachers manage the affairs of the Caribbean membership on the executive. Bravo to them. Best wishes in making St. Lucia shine. However these same people/teachers will behind closed doors will congratulate them... smh. Selfish. Who is more hungry for power? Let's be honest here. Do they really love the union as they claim. Typical behaviour of unsuccessful people.

    Congratulations Mr. Howell, you have undoubtedly given us very good representation here in St. Lucia. I know you will do tge same on the Caribbean level. I guess this is why you were the choice. God sees and knows all things. Keep up your good work.


  2. It is most interesting that Mr. Monrose is attempting to establish a case that would lead the public to believe that the region is insular in respect of St. Lucians who may attain "senior leadership' posts in regional organizations.

    The fact is that Mr. Monrose is also complicit in the action that led Dr. Poyotte to being "illegally" elected on two occasions. In fact, he failed to mention that when he was asked to provide information about Dr. Poyotte's employment status and eligibility to hold office, he refused to answer. When the same information was requested of Mr. Howell, he too was urged not to respond by Mr. Monrose (then 3rd VP). if this does not constitute a deliberate attempt to withhold information for the purpose of deceiving the Conference, and achieving a selfish objective, the what else is it. I would urge all to consider the matter objectively.


  3. When there is a perception that there are too many St. Lucians in charge of a regional organization then Caribbean insularity becomes obvious.
    Remember how the other Caribbean countries were not happy with Sir Julian Hunte, Earnest Hilaire and Darren Sammy all being at the helm of West Indies cricket at the same time?
    The so-called More Developed Countries in the Caribbean do not like "small island" people running the show.


  4. Rumrose doh try dat, we know otherwise, she was also asked to resign by one of her local colleagues
    on this august while rumrose tried to conceal her local connections/ affiliations.
    La leen coowe joo bawaye.

    Rumrose your defence can't cut it.


  5. Monrose should be ashamed of himself. Always knew he was an accomplice. The CUT executive should also call for his resignation. It's high time St. Lucians learn to do things honestly. Shame on you guys!


  6. You guys are so predictable. You just had to attempt to defend the indefensible. You have failed badly. Of course all members of the teaching service commission receive a monthly stipend. This allowance, for all intent and purposes and in my humble opinion, is considered a salary. Members look forward to such appointment to accumulate wealth. The neveau rich. The foolishness you guys try in Saint Lucia cannot always work elsewhere in the Caribbean!.


  7. Took ya'll long enough to come up with this BS explanation to try to cover up borborl and corruption. Ya'll feel is only Lucians that was watching ya'll this time. They right, good riddance. And I still cyah have respect for teachers as long as they have that idiotic, partisan president at the helm. And it should not have to be a long drawn out process like with Mary to get a union president out in Lucia.


    • The labour party union cabal that this country had to deal with for years. Look at them defending each others corrupt and immoral behaviour. Karma really is a b!tc4.


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