Customs brokers asked to follow government COVID-19 guidelines

Customs brokers asked to follow government COVID-19 guidelines

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Caribbean Association of Customs Brokers (CACUB) is asking all Customs Brokers to be aware and follow Government guidelines as we assist in the clearance of medical supplies, food and essential items during the ongoing crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

CACUB also agrees with the recent joint statement released by the WTO, FAO and the WHO that” When acting to protect the health and well-being of their citizens, countries should ensure that any trade-related measures do not disrupt the food supply chain….”

Customs Brokers throughout the CARICOM Region from Jamaica to Suriname are able to assist with the clearance of all foods and essential cargo during this crisis and to use safe methods and procedures whilst doing so. In most instances a substantial amount of the processing to clear cargo is done remotely and limited human to human contact is needed.

CACUB is urging all CARICOM Governments to go the final steps in digitizing the clearance process and in having 100% of Border Agencies issuing permits and licenses online. This would not only improve clearance of cargo but would also serve us well if another similar pandemic comes around.

Again CACUB urges Customs Brokers to assist in the efficient clearance of all food and essential cargo whilst following sanitizing and social distancing guidelines to keep healthy and safe.


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