‘Cure for terminal cancer’ found in game-changing drugs

By The Telegraph (UK)

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X-rays showing a patient’s tumor, circled, before, leftm and after immunotherapy

THE TELEGRAPH (UK) – Terminally ill cancer patients have been “effectively cured” by a game-changing new class of drugs.

In one trial, more than half of patients who had just months to live saw deadly tumours shrink or completely disappear.

In recent days, the results of trials of a number of treatments which harness the body’s immune system have been announced at the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s annual conference in Chicago. They show promise in the fight against skin cancer and lung disease.

But results from a slew of trials released last night at the conference showed “spectacular” effects against a multitude of cancers.

Experts said the advances suggest terminally ill patients with common cancers – including lung, bowel, ovarian and womb – could in future be cured by the therapies.

The evidence in favour of the radical drugs is so overwhelming that they could save tens of thousands of lives in the UK within a decade, it is claimed.

Senior cancer doctors said the treatment, known as immunotherapy, could radically change the standard treatment for cancer, sparing some sufferers from some of the toxic effects of chemotherapy.

Roy Herbst , chief of medical oncology at Yale Cancer Centre, described the string of results as “spectacular”.

“I think it’s huge,” he said. “I think we are seeing a paradigm shift in the way oncology is being treated.”



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  1. Like all medicines, this will also have side effects to make us ill and will need something else to counteract it. These people don't make money by curing us, they lose money if they do. For those who do not understand, here is an example: IF they put the cure for the common cold on the market, MANY shelves in the drug stores would be empty and BILLIONs in money LOST. With the world's population at 7 billion plus and nearly over crowded: why bother with a cure for Cancer!!? It will be too expensive for us poor people, so only those with money will get it. Right now there are medicines in the drug stores that are not prescribed to the public in general. Don't believe me ASK your Doctor.

  2. Good news but I agree Christal. Just watch this space.

  3. Cure??? With all these pharmaceutical leeches out there? Never

  4. thank you lord for helping mankind find cure...now they just need a lil help in making the treatment affordable.

  5. Good news!

  6. this is very interesting........looking forward to more updates on this and see how far it can really go.


  8. Good if a cure has been researched and experimented on those cancers but,too often we in the caribbean are not doing research for ourselves to prove the findings are true.To me for a hugh land mass such as ours in the caribbean.It's time for all those lucian doctors who has studied in CUBA and the US,proved themselves as far as all forms of medical researches are concern.Because,we should be able to do research on own people based on our environment which can be different to ENGLAND,CANADA,and AMERICA.ON a very useful note,the US destroyed our COCONUT industry based on their research and we in turned couldn't substantiate the facts,in that regard.So,its always good to have our own lab testing when AMERICA researches stuff then dump them all over the CARIBBEAN.WHY? cant we used CUBA as an ambassador in caribbean research?The US always says that,they've researched cancer.THen latter on,says something else and despite all those good findings.We in ST.Lucia most time has to be flown to MARTINIQUE with an expectation of being unable to afford those treatments.Often a good news without our doctors who can't cure us.Or it's extremely EXPENSIVE at their place where they operates.

  9. Would be great it's time for a cure


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