Cul-de-Sac man, children accused of scamming public with “false sponsorship” papers

Cul-de-Sac man, children accused of scamming public with “false sponsorship” papers

The management of the Choppers United Sports Club has disclosed that several persons are using the organisation’s name to carry out a financial scam.

In a broadcast message via social media, the club’s management said a man sporting a Rastafarian/dread-locked hairstyle from Cul-de-Sac, along with “some kids” from Marchand, are “passing around town and up north with false sponsor sheet papers picking up money on behalf of Choppers United Sports Club”.

The management said the man, whose name was disclosed in the broadcast, is not authorised to do so, nor are the children.

“My people please don’t put your money in that. This is not true,” the broadcast states.

According to management, the matter has been reported to the police.

A police official told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that they are aware of the matter but could not recall at the time, if a formal report was made.

However, the official stated that sponsorship-sheet scams are almost a daily occurrence in St. Lucia and members of the public are advised to verify with organisations and individuals before giving out money.

“I have contacted the Central and Gros Iset police station and make dem aware of it and they are looking out for him so please spread it to avoid others from sponsoring him,” the broadcast stated, while urging members of the public to spread the message on Facebook.

Head Coach and Event Organiser of the Club, Nickie Louis told SNO that his organisation did use sponsorsheet forms to raise funds for a “kids under-12 soccerama” that took place on February 12, 2017.

However, he said the suspect and several other persons somehow obtained copies of the forms and have been collecting “endless money” from the public without authorisation from the Club.

“I don’t know where they take it (sponsorship forms) from. They keep photocopying it and messing up the club’s name,” Louis said.

“They’re making endless money,” he added.

Louid confirmed that he called the police stations on numerous ocassions but he has not had the time to visit the stations because of his busy schedule.

“I make calls to the police station several times… nobody never call me back,” he said.

A Cul-de-Sac resident confirmed that the suspect “goes to Rodney By scamming people”, adding that “this is going on too long”.

“Up to yesterday I was in Rodney Bay and I saw the guy in KFC with an old beat-up paper asking for sponsors. He does this for the day and come to Cul-de-Sac with groceries and things on evenings,” the resident stated.

The management of the club said it intends to spread the word through the media come Monday.


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  1. Its amazing this took so long to reach the media that guy have been doing that by rodney for 6 months plus i know cause i work on 1A ROUTE


  2. Big up every scammer weh make Ec dollar .. build up di house fi your momma


  3. Wow I've definitely fallen for this scam as I've passed on money and even stood and gave him advice for the so-called club. SMH. You live and you learn as on this occasion i never bothered to scrutinize the form much. Gave it a quick read and was happy to help a fellow Lucian aspire for better. And yes he always used to be in front KFC from early in the am to bought late afternoon.
    Alarmingly, there are more and more persons who are now relying on donations to earn a day's wage. If there was regular patrols by police on foot they could put a stop to this through random checks for authenticity on badges issued to those individuals.


  4. I think the pemi lady is legitimate but there are too many raffle sheets going on around. Organisations need to move from here sponsorship sheets for a while .


  5. This guy is usually by KFC Rodney Bay. He approached me many times , but because I know he is a theif i never trusted him. One time i even cautioned alady who was going to give him some money. She said knew him and said she knew what he was doing was legitimate. But I always had my doubts.


  6. I used to feel bad about turning down those raffles and sponsorship forms but they became so prevalent that it got annoying. I pass all of them straight nowadays. A couple years ago, I heard most of them are scams. I'm glad I kept my wallet tight those times. These guys are always in front of KFC or RJ Clarke asking for sponsorship. It's about time the police start arresting these con artists. But there's no law in this land. It's a shame they are hurting legitimate charities. St Lucians like to beg too much. I only donate to people and organizations I know that actually help the needy. All of my donations go through clubs and organizations charity events, not those pandhandlers.


  7. Apparently this is a lucrative job in Saint Lucia. While there are people in genuine need they will make those of us who want to help resort to being self-fish. There is a tall, dark, slim guy doing the same. He roams all over the city with a stamped paper from a local doctor, a photo of a little boy in an RC Boys school uniform whom he says is his son who is in need of medical attention overseas. Boy can he give a story too ! If one looks clearly enough it can be seen that the original date in the stamp was covered and the letter from the doctor copied over. Before giving money take time to read the papers presented to you and don't be afraid to question them or ask for contact numbers to call to verify anything being told to you. You can block your number and make the call if you think you can be harassed after by the persons answering (if not a bogus number), check out websites and references provided as well. I think the police need to at least approach some of these people for soliciting under false pretenses even though no one has made a formal complaint.


  8. He's a tall Rasta dark skin and he comes with this short dark skin feller with a earing on the top of his eye came across them more than once


  9. ɨs ɨt a sʟɨʍ ɖaʀҡ ɢʊʏ աɨʄ ʟօċҡs
    ɨʄ ʏɛs ɦɛ ʊsʊaʟʟʏ ɮ ɮʏ sʊռռʏ aċʀɛs sʊքɛʀʍaʀҡɛt tօօ
    aռɖ ʏɛs ɨ sɛɛɨռɢ ɦɨʍ աɨʄ ɦɨs 6 ɮaɢs օʄ ɢʀօċɛʀɨɛs ċʊʍɨռ ʄʀʊʍ sʊքɛʀ ʝ օռ afternoons


  10. They need to check the legitimacy of all those individuals in Castries as well as rodney bay...they strategically stand in the doorways of supermarkets and fast food areas....that's harassment.


  11. What about the Pemi lady? What a scam artist she is, top notch. Why has she not been stopped too? We are too relaxed on these issues.


    • Oh boy the Pemi ladyn lol, I don't know if she has pemi for true, but she complimented a few times on my outfit, after a few times of not buying from her, she gives me big room to pass. She wants you to contribute the money, to what I don't know if you don't want pemi. Damn rude one she is.


    • That lady that is not a scam artist because she does have the item in the cooler and it is very warm. She simply has a flare for attracting your attention to purchase it. Not a scam at all.


      • The lady may not be a scam artiste but she is using this to initiate sex from guys.. I've seen it happen ... Her line after refusing to buy her product is .." I can do what your girlfriend can not do for u, then goes into graphic sex details as to what she will and can do to u .


    • Are you referring to the lady who compliments people on their clothing, hairstyle..etc then ask to buy "pemi" which contributions goes towards the blind welfare association...? Something like that. (Can't quite remember the association, but it has something to do with "the blind." )


    • Pemi lady is actually delivering and does not deserve being categorised the con artists around places. Her pemis have saved my life many a time and they taste great and have plenty raisins compared to others which purport to having raisins. The woman is an entrepreneur and does not have any boss on her back to worry about...her mind must be more at rest than most lucians driving around in their big bank owned vehicles and living in houses that are bigger than their pockets can afford and scrunting silently under the veil of pride. Pemi lady has the sense and audacity to identify her opportunity and pursue it despite the criticism and judgement of us abrasive, insensitive and judgemental lucians.


  12. I have encountered him near the supermarket in Sunny Acres and an office complex in Vide Boutielle.

    These scammers are everywhere. You can't even tell whose case is legitimate hence I don't sponsor anyone no more.

    Enough is enough!


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