Cul de Sac man chased and stabbed to death: “One person cannot say let’s leave him alone he is running?”

Cul de Sac man chased and stabbed to death: “One person cannot say let’s leave him alone he is running?”
White's body was discovered on a field with multiple stab wounds.
White’s body was discovered on a field with multiple stab wounds.

The island’s latest homicide victim, Paul White of Cul de Sac, Castries, was allegedly chased and stabbed multiple times by three individuals following a dispute at a shop, according to a relative of the deceased.

The incident occurred after 8 p.m. on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 in Cul de Sac.

White’s blood-soaked body was discovered near the Buckeye terminal entrance and was pronounced dead on the scene by a medical practitioner, relatives and police said.

The victim’s niece told HTS: “As far as we have been told is that he was in a shop and there was a scuffle between him and some young men. He left and they chased him. He ran all the way to the end of the field on the other end. I mean they still chased him all the way over there. He was stabbed, he had a cut by his hand. So I don’t know. We just want to know exactly what happened because we were not there so we cannot say well this is what happened. We can only go based on what people are telling us. Well we were not expecting that because a lot of us saw him yesterday. A lot of our family members saw him yesterday. They spoke to him.”

She continued: “I had no issues with him. You can never tell for other people. When you are out there you can never tell, but for me, I had no issues with him. He is my uncle. I mean he is not somebody I would see every day. He doesn’t live that close to us.”

She said the family is taking the death hard because it was unexpected.

“For example, my mother saw him just yesterday morning and then by nightfall for them to tell her that he was killed. You know, how do you cope? How do you understand that somebody you just saw the morning they are calling you to tell you the person was killed. And I mean the way, the way he was killed. He’s running. He’s running away from you all. I mean at some point nobody can say well let’s …so one person cannot tell the other person let’s not do that or let’s leave him alone because he is running?”

Police said two men are in custody assisting with investigations, and that White’s death brings to three the number of homicides officially recorded for 2018, to date.


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  1. Oh all get this all wrong when they kill them they are deadddd and knows northing..them need to put them in wheelchair and let them they will know why ther are suffering.them vagabonds..useless to society..wast the mother's time and breast milk


  2. God cannot stop them knifes and guns, the murders need to get killed also,their will see exactly what it feels like.


  3. You kill - you hang - period.
    This savagery got to stop. If the politicians (on both sides) had any balls, they
    could have put an end to that mess. People's lives mean nothing to theses animals.
    The day they bring out the noose and hang one of these bastards, they'll get the message.


  4. St Lucia needs to enact hanging, they will never stop killing people until their own lives are the price they must pay for killing another human being...


  5. well my dear thats why the bible tells that our life is nothing but a vapor. you can see it now and the next minute its not there. that is why we have to trust in god and ask him to save us cause we dont know when we will die and if we die without him in our life we will see hell fire so to prevent this let us seek god while we still have air in us cause we might never get a chance t repent again


  6. Return In Peace Pauly .... you will most certainly be missed - by the staff of Buckeye & also the numerous visitors coming in ...........
    Paul was a drunk at most but not a violent person. those young men who took his life need help. That's just not normal for somebody to kill another person - who is trying to escape to save his life. We need to talk to the perpetrators and find out what was going on in their minds at the time they committed this horrendous act and what could have been done to avoid this death.

    we need to question these murderers and find out what makes them unable to control their actions.

    Some people are so well balanced its easy to control the body no matter what the mind says.
    Others are so out of it that they cannot control - not the mind (thoughts) far less their body.


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