Cuban murders Venezuelan wife in Trinidad

Cuban murders Venezuelan wife in Trinidad

(TRINIDAD GUARDIAN) — Another woman has been killed in a domestic violence dispute and police say her husband has confessed to the murder.

A police report said that around 7.45 pm Thursday, police responded to a report of domestic violence at 30A Flagstaff Hill, Long Circular, and were met with the suspect, a 42-year-old Cuban national, employed at the Embassy of Venezuela.

Police say they enquired from him if everything was okay and he responded by saying yes.

However, the officers then enquired where his wife was and he told them she was inside sleeping.

The officers proceeded to call out to his wife, Johandry Espinosa, a national of Venezuela, and there was no response.

The officers entered the apartment and went to a bedroom where they saw the woman lying on a bed covered with a sheet. She was unresponsive.

Police checked for signs of life and found none.

They say the suspect was again interviewed and he confessed that when his wife came home from work they had an argument and he strangled her with his hands.




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