CSA wishes all a safe and healthy International Workers Day

By SNO Staff

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csa-logo-370x223PRESS RELEASE – The Civil Service Association-CSA takes this opportunity to extend wishes to all workers across Saint Lucia as they celebrate two (2) significant days.

• April 28 – World Day for Safety and Health at Work (Occupational Safety and Health)

• May 1 – International Workers Day

As each of you celebrate, remember the courageous men and women who fought through their blood, sweat and tears for the entitlements and rights we enjoy today.

Your duty as a worker is to maintain high standards of professionalism and productivity. Each worker must be empowered with the knowledge to understand their value and contribution to the workforce.

Join CSA on Monday for the Solidarity Walk from Mega J @ 6am

Have a safe and healthy Workers Day !!!

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  1. Where are the save the union morons? The likes of Oliver Lawrences who gave zero hours to Radio saintlucia for his salary but was always out creating problems for the previous CsA executive "Typical of SLP Hacks". Right now the union needs saving from save the union. The membership at an all time low with a number of sticky fingers guarding the limited hen house. The president who was funded by CDP funds seem clueless with one member taking leave of absence to be given a contract by the slp government. Mr prime minister you need to look into this specific matter involving this inland revenue woman.

    • Why do people make up and post these false stories? Do you know this for a fact?Knowing you can do a better job have you attempted to reach out to the clueless executive to offer suggestions. Point to note........it takes 5 executive members to agree and vote on anything. Stop with the politics Yellow Bird. The union needs saving for us to have a voice for the unfairness and discrimination in the workplace. when the union is gone who will fight for us? Stop breaking people who want to make a difference by labelling them with these false statements.


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