CSA urges gov’t to relocate High Court staff due to health risks

CSA urges gov’t to relocate High Court staff due to health risks

Employees attached to the High Court in Castries have still not been able to effectively carry out their duties since Monday, due to some health issues being experienced at work.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) understands that this new development has since had a negative impact on the operation of the court system in Castries, particularly the High Court.

Acting General Secretary of the Civil Service Association (CSA) Mary Isaac said it is unacceptable to have the employees work under such conditions, with poses serious health risks.

Isaac said that she understands that the employees have not been able to function properly and nothing was said to them about it despite numerous complaints, except that they were sent home on Tuesday.

“The building won’t get better because of the asbestos. You cannot get rid of asbestos in a short period of time, the building will have to be properly treated,” she asserted.

The CSA official is recommending that the Ministry of Justice find some means of placing the staff at a temporary location, until the matter is resolved, noting that they cannot continue to work in an unconducive environment.

The Attorney General office will soon be relocated to a new building, but Isaac believes that this matter is more serious and the High Court employees should be the ones to be relocated instead.

The building was treated over the weekend, however, since the employees return, they have been experiencing skin and tracheal irritations, itchy eyes and dizzy spells.

“The staff are not sure whether it may be the incomplete job to eradicate poisonous substances from the building or whether it may be from the chemicals used,” on employee told this publication.

Efforts to contact the registrar or deputy registrar proved futile on several occasions, as most of the phone calls to the registry went unanswered.


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  1. It is a given that the staff of High Court has to be to relocated to a new building as soon as possible. One has to wonder why the government has failed to do so. Staff has been suffering in this building for decades and it is looking like it will continue further. Why is the government of Saint Lucia allowing this tragedy to go on? Every other department or Ministry are getting re-locations for the simplest things and for something serious as asbestos and cancer we are allowing staff members/ people to suffer. This is serious. Why is this tragedy not being blasted over the news waves and media because it is a massacre


  2. All of a sudden Mary Isaac again pretending that she cares so much about the employees just to score some cheap political points.. Remind me again how long this asbestos has been in the building and wasn't it there under the reign of the UWP? Smh..# opportunist#troublemaker


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