CSA president says talks with GNT could go beyond 2014

CSA president says talks with GNT could go beyond 2014
Mary Isaac.

Talks between the Civil Service Association and the Government Negotiating Team (GNT) could extend beyond this year for various reasons.

This is the view expressed by President of the CSA Mary Isaac.

Isaac told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today that there is still much more work to be done on both sides, before a concrete decision is made with regards to salaries and benefits.

“If anything we have to meet with the members before going into any decision. That is not going to conclude by the end of this year,” Isaac told SNO.

The CSA president said that both parties have not even agreed on fringe benefits as yet. Only after this is completed, will discussions regarding salaries commence, she said.

Isaac claims that the GNT has already declared that anything with financial implications will not be granted, but she is determined to get proper benefits for all civil servants.

Meanwhile, when asked what led the CSA executive team to miss today’s meeting with the GNT, Isaac told SNO that she had prior engagements.

Besides that Isaac added that the CSA has not received any minutes from the last meeting, which has become a new trend. The CSA will not be attending meetings without first perusing those minutes, she explained.

Isaac said she finds it strange that the GNT would issue a press statement regarding the CSA’s absence at today’s meeting, when in fact the GNT has cancelled meetings before with the CSA.

Questioned as to whether the association will accept a wage freeze, Isaac said, “Since our collective agreement for the last triennial was zero, that means we would be agreeing to a second wage freeze.”

She reminded that during the last triennial, the CSA had opted for a wage freeze.

“Nobody was singing hallelujah; they were actually looking at CSA, as if the CSA was a trouble maker by proposing a wage freeze,” she added.

Isaac further stated, “There is pretense in this whole negotiation process…this time around they are promoting the same thing that CSA had proposed last year.”

According to her, the CSA is now hearing that the economy is picking up and that government is proposing to increase the wage bill.

Isaac said she was told that the government is looking to increase the salaries of parliamentarians, government ministers and other top government officials.

She explained that the increase will happen in the sub-division of the constituencies by 21 as opposed to 17. “You are looking at a huge increase at that same wage bill you are talking about.”

“We really have to analyze the situation to see whether our current fiscal space has given us a little latitude, to maybe consider a wage increase for the people who carry out government’s policies,” she added.

“It’s not just a matter of saying the workers make the sacrifice and government isn’t making any sacrifice and we have to take those issues to the members as well, so that they can have a say in this.”


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  1. When the TUF accepted the three year wage freeze, Mary Isaac said she saw that as an opportunity for her membership to negotiate an increase since there would be less persons to share it with. Does that sound like someone who didn't say she wouldn't accept a wage freeze? This is all political and those who support her do so largely for yellow reasons, and those who oppose her largely for red. In my case, common sense prevails.


  2. Miss Isaac, I applaud you with your stunt. you no longer allow governments to take your members for a political ride, some of your members who only see color more so RED will not agree with you. You have never said you will not take a wage freeze, you told them you need to negotiate. Like some other islands if you take a wage freeze now and the economy gets better down the road or after the three years what the reward to your members that's what some persons don't understand, it has to be negotiated, the TUF did not do that, look at the fuel system for example now that fuel is low are we reaping the benefit no!!. The Labor party government needs to stop their bullying tactics, and be open. Keep up your loyalty to your members and not the labor party or any political party, and please meet with them before any decision is made. If you your executive wants to play politics its up to them, People remember , Charles, Satney, and the rest. Big jobs now, they have to pay for it one day. God will judge them by their actions less they repent and ask for forgiveness.


  3. "...when asked what led the CSA executive team to miss today’s meeting with the GNT, Isaac told SNO that she had prior engagements."
    Give her an inch, and she has taken a yard. This woman now thinks she is running St.Lucia. What an obnoxious ugly duckling.


  4. MARRY BREAK GLASS IN THEIR ASS.. every thing increasing: poverty, unemployment, prostitution, price of: bread, sugar, gas, coconuts, dasheen, school books, wasco water..the administration has eradicated the middle class, more money for the upper class boys. Marry thank you for keeping it real. LOL they eh know what to do with the "Dragon". Show us the color of their panties, so we can make better decisions. Break glass in their ass my girl


  5. As a civil servant I must say Thank you to Ms Isaac. She is the only one who has the balls to stand up to the Kenny and co. and the alleged mismanagement of the economy. How in this guava season you want to increase the number of parliamentary seats from 17 to 21?? More jobs for the boys and girls...St.Lucia is a little rock, why the hell do we need 21 constituencies...???


  6. The government should be the first to freeze their salary so there is no way i will believe they will take an increase in salary.That would beg for God's mercy and social disobedience.Kenny is smarter than that.


  7. This woman is indeed a trouble maker. She has no integrity, also no respect. I would want to believe that Ms Isaac had prior notice of this meeting and therefore it would have been proper for her to inform the GNT that she had another engagement. Her response to me was disrespectful at best.
    I also believe that Ms ISaac in most instances acting unilaterally and at best may have her own personal vendetta thus may not be acting in the best interest of the people she represents.


      • LIAR

        YOU ARE NO CIVIL SERVANT. YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE GETTING CONTRACTS REGULARLY FROM THE GOV't, and you are not qualified to do the contracted work. Just like the shoemaker who was given a contract to build a bridge costing millions, and who collapsed a few months after construction started.


    • Saint Lucians do not understand one fart about the give and take that must take place to get sides to agree on pay packages. So we have an ignoramus up in showing total ignorance just like an ex-slave would, from the Belambouche plantation yard.


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