CSA hosts SALCC branch meeting

CSA hosts SALCC branch meeting

(PRESS RELEASE) – The St. Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA) held a very successful branch meeting with its members at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College on Tuesday, 14th November, 2017. The CSA is the bona fide representative of all Support Staff at the College.

The meeting discussed issues affecting the members including uniforms, shortage of staff, overtime, reclassification, promotions, the situation at the Sir George Charles location and mold infestation.

The meeting also discussed the critical issue of the up-coming Collective Bargaining negotiations. Members were requested to meet the shop steward in order to come up with proposals to be forwarded to the Management of the College.

The meeting was very passionate because members were of the opinion that the Management of the College was not resolving their matters in a timely manner.

That notwithstanding, the majority of members were satisfied with the level of representation provided by the CSA.

The CSA had earlier met with its members at the College Farm at La Resource, Dennery, where a similar exercise was conducted.

Following the membership meeting, the CSA’s officials held a brief discussion with the Principal of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College who pledged to continue working with the Union to ensure that all the workers’ concerns are addressed and resolved as promptly as possible.

The CSA intends to meet with the members within the next few weeks in order to finalize the proposals for salary increase and other fringe benefits and to commence negotiations by December 2017.


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