UPDATED: SOUT seeks CCL’s advise in resolving issue with CSA executive

UPDATED: SOUT seeks CCL’s advise in resolving issue with CSA executive

The Save Our Union Team (SOUT) in the Civil Service Association (CSA) has engaged the Caribbean Congress of Labour (CCL) to assist in helping to ‘restore’ integrity to the trade union.’

The SOUT made a surprise visit at a CCL conference held at the Bay Gardens Resorts on Tuesday, July 7 and handed a letter addressed to CCL General Secretary Senator Chester Humphrey, inviting him to meditate a sit-down with the CSA’s executive.

A representative accepted the letter on Humphrey’s behalf.

The SOUT has been calling for the removal of the entire executive of the CSA and had previously created a petition to have Isaac removed from office as well.

The group first attacked Mary Isaac, a three-time president of the union, calling for her removal after she accepted the offer to become a senator.

SOUT had written Isaac over claims that she labeled them as Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) operatives, something they never admitted or denied.

They also claimed that the National Executive Council (NEC) is attempting to reconstitute the General Council of the Union, which was duly constituted.

Isaac, who recently resigned her post as president of the CSA, will be leaving the union shortly to play a more active role in politics.

The three-time president of the CSA has repeatedly said that SOUT is just another group that wants to create mischief and does not have the union’s interest at heart.

Instead, Isaac claims that the team was hopeful that they would have succeeded at the last CSA election, but since they were defeated, they have been creating more problems.

SOUT on the other hand has accused Isaac of trying to manipulate the system and work against the constitution of the CSA, and at the same time trying to politicize the union.


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  1. Although I thinks both sides are wrong as they are both activists this letter is silly. Chester Humphrey happens to be a Government Senator whilst being President of a union so writing to him when you all claimed Mary was bringing the union into disrepute when she became an opposition senator is so hypocritical. By the way is the CSA even a member of CCL. What about the fact that Leo sister who is a public servant is leader of the Labour Party's women's arm.


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