CSA general secretary skeptical about change in border control agency consultation

CSA general secretary skeptical about change in border control agency consultation

(SNO) — General Secretary of the Civil Service Association (CSA) Claude Paul hopes that the revocation of Cabinet Conclusion 247 and government’s stated intention to engage all stakeholders in the formation of a new entity called the Border Management Agency, would not be merely an exercise in futility.

While he applauds the new move by government, Paul said he is somewhat skeptical “given the track record of government when it comes to consultation”.

He told reporters today, Friday, Sept. 14 that while the CSA stands ready to be part of the consultative process as outlined by government, the CSA will only be a part of that process if it is “going to be meaningful and not merely an exchange of information, but rather an opportunity for us to be able to take part in discussions which could influence a positive outcome for our own members at Customs and for the country in general”.

Government this week, in a release, said it had appointed a team to undertake extensive and in-depth dialogue on the establishment of the Border Control Management entity that Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has been talking about for quite some time.

The team is to engage and discuss with all stakeholders on the appropriate structure for the proposed Border Control Management agency.

According to government, in order for this to have meaningful effect, the Cabinet has also taken the decision with immediate effect, to revoke Cabinet Conclusion 247 of 16th April 2018 which previously addressed the establishment of the entity.

The announcement of a Border Control Management entity had moved Customs officers to express their concerns about the status of their jobs seeing that the revoked Cabinet Conclusion indicated that the new entity would take on the form of a statutory body.

Paul believes that the revocation and the desire by government to include all stakeholders in the consultation process concerning the Border Control Management entity “is a good first step” and a “fresh start as far as the consultation process is concerned”.


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  1. Another labour party loyalist. What you want Claude? Head of WASCO?Head of SALCC?
    Head of NCA? What is the SLP promising you?


    • So the whole of Customs is SLP? Customs officers are part of the 43% the PM refered to Claude Paul is somehow able to steer them in a particular direction right? SMDH!


    • A leader of a country that lies consistently, refers to people as barking dogs and jackasses, has no regard for the constitution, spends the country's money without a care in the world and the list goes on...... And some of you'll still defend him...Slave mentality!


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