CSA disappointed in health minister

CSA disappointed in health minister
Health Minister Mary Isaac is coming under fire from unions on the island
Health Minister Mary Isaac is coming under fire from unions on the island

(SNO) — The Saint Lucia Civil Service Assocation (CSA) said it is disappointed in Health Minister Mary Isaac in what it said is the deteriorating state of Saint Lucia’s health-care system.

General Secretary of the CSA Claude Paul said the reason for the disappointment lays in the fact that Isaac was a trade union member.
According to Paul, Isaac has been silent and has not made any advocacy on behalf of workers in the health sector.
 “The CSA and the vast majority of members are very disappointed in the non-performance of the minister of health,” he said at a press conference this week.
Meanwhile, President of the CSA Cyprian Montrope said pertaining to health care on a whole, the responsibility lies with the Ministry of Health, and by extension, the minister.
“Having due regard to all the issues that we have raised, it begs the question whether the minister of health is in fact advocating on behalf of the citizens of Saint Lucia to get better health care,” he stated.
However, President of the Saint Lucia Medical and Dental Association, Dr. Alphonsus St. Rose, said it is up to Saint Lucians to measure Isaac’s performance.
“What you see there is what they deliver to you and that will say all,” he stated. “You make that judgement call because that’s what you get. So, are you satisfied with it? That’s the judgement you have to make.”
Concerns have been raised in recent times of the state of the health care system in Saint Lucia.
Just yesterday, the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) said the system has worsened on the island.
Members of the Trade Union Federation (TUF) have also said the health care system is in a bad state.

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  1. Everyone is seeing it, everybody is saying it, everyone knows it, except the jackasses in yellow. Oh no what are they talking about ?


    • Alivna wasn't a jackass when she said her ministry have nothing to do with the health situation at the stadium? POOR YOU.


  2. Claude "Poppie"Paul, you can not be disappointed with this minister without examining the platform that was left from the previous minster to develop. The last ministry only left chaos, you can not develop a heath care system on chaos. There was no base left in place to continue in the building process, we contradicting our selves here. Bounty Rum is still the Sprit of Saint Lucia. We are a rum nation....look at your belly poppie, so is de minister that have you so!!


  3. well take all the money that is being wasted on carnival for food and rum and inject it in the health industry. all that money would be put to good use to buy more dialysis machines


  4. I firmly believe that personal animosities being harboured by previous "colleagues" of the minister, emerging from their ranks as a peer, is behind much of the growing hostility against her. A leopard cannot change its skin.

    This is just normal for a lot of Saint Lucians. For those choosing or risking to live in Saint Lucian communities abroad, it is much worse. When I visited Saint Croix once, I was appalled by what I found. It is disgusting.

    How does she dare leave us behind to wallow in our misery of living like crabs in a barrel in the CSA? Embarrass her to no end. That is Saint Lucians for you.


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