CSA Conference of Delegates

CSA Conference of Delegates

csa-logo-370x223PRESS RELEASE – Monday May 23rd – Urgent Meeting for all Group Insurance Members @ CSA Center Castries. 4.30pm

Tuesday May 24th – Urgent Meeting for Group Insurance Members in the SOUTH Vieux Fort @ 4.30
Wednesday May 25th – Conference of Delegates @ CSA Center Castries 8.30am.

All Shop Stewards and interested members wishing to attend must contact CSA immediately. Only Registered Delegates or Observers can attend the Business Segment where decisions are taken.

For further information contact CSA @ 452 3903


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  1. Question to the new Executive, is it true that the broker is owing our Association $210,000.00 as was claimed by the last Executive? We need the new Executive to answer this question.

    if true, why bring the broker to address us instead of demanding our money from him and thereafter give him the boot for shortchanging us.

    Hope there isn't someone hovering around the new Executive looking to suck a bone from the broker.

    Members are watching closely.


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