CSA appoints new General Secretary

CSA appoints new General Secretary

csa-logo-370x223PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA) informs members, affiliates, agencies and other key stakeholders of the appointment of Mr. Claude Paul to the post of General Secretary of CSA.

The position of General Secretary had been advertised from January 2017 and Mr. Claude Paul was among eleven (11) individuals who applied for the position.

A competent five (5) member Interview Panel was selected through General Council, to provide recommendations on the most suitable applicant. All constitutional requirements regarding this appointment has been followed and submitted through the requisite organs of the Association.

The CSA takes this opportunity to officially welcome and congratulate Mr. Claude Paul on his appointment to the post of General Secretary.


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  1. Yes , CSA being used once again because they too quiet. I hope civil servants get wise and stop being used by politicians instead of asking the union to speak against political appointments and the large gratuities that they get every two years. When you see civil servants who are party supporters do massive jumps from low grades to high grades in the public service and others who are non political , qualified, senior and excellent performance are left demotivated. Look at the mess the public service is in and reels with low productivity.


  2. Has anything changed at the CSA?

    Was the new GS the campaign manager for Standley Felix in the last elections?

    Why couldn't the CSA seek independent persons to for the selection panel instead of Calixte George and Martin Satney, who are well known members and supporters of the SLP like the new GS, so that members of the Association could have said that things have indeed changed at the CSA?

    It is now safe to say with Lord Help Me, Marcia Clarke, the new GS, the Administrative Secretary and a few other employees presently employed at the CSA; that the CSA is an annex of the SLP's.

    Same shit, different player using the CSA.


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